I now know almost everything about islam (unfortunately; although it’s members never cease to amaze and sicken me with creative new atrocities) simply because it has its core (the Qur’an, 2 sahih and 4 less-so ahadith, the Sirat, and the 4 Sunni and 1 Shia maddhab fiqhs of sharia) and that’s it.

They cannot add to it, nor “reform” any of it; islam cannot and will not ever change, in any way, because it’s the “perfect” word of allah, and the metaphoric so-called “gates of ijtihad” (interpretation) have been closed for centuries!

Surah Al-Ma’idah 5.3 informs Muslims that Allah has PERFECTED Islam. Can perfection be improved? Can perfection be reformed?? If genocidal conquest is perfect, how can it be eliminated as a sacrament of Islam???

All muslims are liars. Their creed informs them their god wants them to lie all the time, to everyone* – to their own families and friends (“to keep the peace”) and of course to their infidel enemies (“to keep the peace until you are in a position of strength and able to successfully attack them again”). Obviously, since islam is only an extortion racket CRIME syndicate, they have to lie to them selves, too, in order to pretend it’s a “religion” in any way; i.e:

“God told us to commit these crimes!”


*(Narrated in al-Bukhari, 2546; Muslim, 2605)

It was narrated that Asma’ Bint Yazeed said: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘It is not permissible to tell lies except in three (cases): when a man speaks to his wife in a way to please her; lying in war; and lying in order to reconcile between people.’”

Muslims are told by allah to LIE TO EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME: (and all “to keep the peace!”) to their own families and friends, and of course to their “infidel enemies.”

Similarly, one of Mohammed’s own daughters, Umm Kalthoum, testified that she had never heard the Apostle of Allah condone lying, except in these three situations:

1.) For reconciliation among people.
2.) In war.
3.) Amongst spouses, to keep peace in the family.

In other words, “allah wants you to lie to everyone, all the time!”

And, while they amputate the appropriate limbs for theft, not only do they not cut out their own tongues for lying, but they actively encourage it…yet lying is only the most basic form of theft – it’s the theft of the Truth. And theft IS crime.

So “allah” is only an immoral thief, just like his creator, Muhammad was.

PS: The ends don’t justify the means – they only ever really DEFINE the end results: If you lie, murder and steal to get your way, in the end, you’re NOT “a great success” – you’re still really only a lying, murdering THIEF!

“If that is beyond your means, fast for three days. That is the expiation for the oaths ye have sworn. But keep to your oaths (to each other, not to infidels). Thus doth Allah make clear to you His signs, that ye may be grateful.” Surah 5:89 (In other words, if you feel guilty about lying, just go on a diet for three days and allah will forgive you).

“Allah will not call you to account for thoughtlessness (vain) in your oaths, but for the intention in your hearts; and He is Oft-forgiving, Most Forbearing.” Surah 2:225

“Any one who, after accepting faith in Allah, utters Unbelief, except under compulsion, his heart remaining firm in Faith – but such as open their breast to Unbelief, on them is Wrath from Allah, and theirs will be a dreadful Penalty.” Surah 16: 106

The noted Islamic commentator, Al-Tabari explained Surah 16:106 as a verse that had been revealed to Mohammed after he learned that Ammar Ibn Yasser was forced to deny his faith in Mohammed when kidnapped by the Banu Moghera tribe. Mohammed consoled Ammar by telling him, “If they turned, you turn.” (Meaning: if they again capture you, you are allowed to deny me again.)

3:28 [], 3:118, 4:89, 4:139, 4:144, 5:51, 9:23, 9:33, 60:1, 60:13

3:28. Let not the believers take the disbelievers as Auliyâ (supporters, helpers, etc.) instead of the believers, and whoever does that will never be helped by Allâh in any way, except if you indeed fear a danger from them. And Allâh warns you against Himself (His Punishment), and to Allâh is the final return.

And why would muslims “fear a danger from unbelievers”?

Maybe because the muslims have been told they are so superior to all the non-muslims in the world, that it’s not only their right, but also their holy responsibility to their god to extort, enslave, and murder them all for their ‘crime’ of not being muslims? That might upset their victims, so of course they’re supposed to lie in order to be able to ‘defend’ their holy right to continue to commit their crimes against their victims!

Ibn Kathir quotes ahadith which are not included in Khan’s translation but are included in Aisha Bewley’s, in his explanation of 3:28.

… meaning, except those believers who in some areas or times fear for their safety from the disbelievers. In this case, such believers are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly. For instance, Al-Bukhari recorded that Abu Ad-Darda’ said,

“We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”

Al-Bukhari said that Al-Hasan said, “The Taqiyah (holy deception and lying to infidels to promote the islamic criime-gang) is allowed until the Day of Resurrection.” (i.e: forever and always).

Qur’an 9:3     “Allah and His Messenger dissolve obligations.”
Qur’an 66:2     “Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows.”

Islam elevates lies and deception to the level of a sacrament.

So, don’t ask a muslim about islam, because it’s inevitable that they will lie to you about it, as they lie to themselves about it.

Just read their stuff for your self, secure in the knowledge that it is immutable and will never change.


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Arguing with Liberals


“It’s like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good I am at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it’s victorious.”


Ever try arguing with a liberal? It’s pointless trying to use facts to educate people who have been taught that the truth doesn’t exist! They will always ignore your facts and counter them with emotive feelings and anecdotes.


The state education leftist propaganda indoctrination system teaches abuses kids with the false notion that they’re entitled to unearned self-esteem, and to not be offended by having their feelings hurt by the often-painful truth. Cause and effect are ignored, because it’s always someone or some thing else’s fault: enforced predeterminism excuses are at the root of all their favorite victimology sales scenarios.

When “self-esteem” (like “respect!”) is demanded but not earned, the demanders are insisting they are entitled to have rights without the concomitant corollary responsibility for having to earn them – exactly like ALL criminals always assert!

Criminal Marxists insist: “You earned stuff I didn’t bother to, SO YOU OWE ME!

The criminal negligents in the ‘education system’ only indoctrinate children in how to be better criminals!

And criminality retards children, because it keeps them dependent on others.

The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens.”—Leo Tolstoy

Here’s an obvious difference between the left and right: remember the old adage about “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, but teach him how to fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime!“?

Right-thinking, civilized and law-abiding folk are all for promoting individual self-reliant responsibility, and so want to teach people how to fish (fend) for them selves, while leftist proglodytes really only want their victims to become dependent on them, as slaves are to a master; i.e:

Vote for us again, or you won’t get tomorrow’s fish – CAPISCE!?”

Liberalism is extortion, bribery, and blackmail all in one! Whee!

Criminals are infantile delinquents (worse than juvenile delinquents) because by imitating children and acting childishly, by posing as perpetually demanding infants, they can often play on their victims’ instincts to defend and educate children. Children are the only people in society who really are – at least temporarily – entitled to have rights without responsibilities. Criminals like to bask in the false perpetual extension of their pretended childhoods, routinely and slanderously accusing their victims of being “unfair!” to them.

In short, criminals only ‘teach’ victimology and how to be better extortionists, to children.

So, to liberals, there really are no evil crimes nor evil criminals, because everyone’s really only a helpless victim – of “society,” “products of their environments” (what’d Karl Marx himself call it – ‘Historical Predeterminism’ or something?) and/or “Slaves of Allah!”

And besides, to them, life’s too complex for anyone to ever really understand cause and effect, so, “since” all facts are therefore really only opinions anyway, any given liberals’ entirely fact-free opinion is the diversely opposite equal of any of those silly conservatives’ objective facts!

And THAT’S why everyone is equally entitled to unearned self-esteem! Whee!

(And remember, kids: “There’s No Wrong Answers”)!

Ever try arguing with a liberal? It’s pointless trying to use facts to educate people who have been taught that the truth doesn’t exist!

They’ve really only declared a confession of non-compus-mentis!

And their favorite deflection is the childish critical thinking logical fallacy called the Argumentum Tu Quoque, which only amounts to trying to compare two unrelated wrongs in order to pretend to make one of them into a right. “Two Wrongs Make a Right”:

There’s no evil crime nor evil criminals because we (i.e: you) all do it, too! Whee!”

Beyond that, their crime is all about the objectification: victim-blaming “defensively pre-emptive” slander.

They embrace the slanderous victim-blaming attack-first criminal “philosophy” that the best “defense” is a good offense, to keep their opponents on the defensive so they will remain emotionally off-balance and so never be able to (counter-)attack ‘first!’

Only lying thieves (fraud being the most basic form of criminal theft, the theft of the Truth) slanderously pretend their victims are too dumb to be educated!

The “elites” – including the “education” elites – are cowardly masochist traitors to rationality and civilization, who always want to form ever-larger gangs to protect them selves; they are all about the double-standards of subjectivism, and so oppose universal objectivity; they want rights without responsibilities, and so must offload their responsibilities onto their victims.

The reason they embrace might-made group “rights,” is both offensive and defensive: they can always assert they are “defensively protecting” others if and when they can make even a tenuous connection between some others at least somewhat similar to them selves who,  somewhere else, at some other time, were oppressed by some other people who were sort of like YOU; in which case, YOU OWE THEM!

The corollary is that if and when they get caught for their crimes, they can always use the group idol as an alibi-excuse to dilute their own culpability:

“I didn’t do it! ONLY ‘the GROUP’ did it! Whee!”

(Substitute “The System,” &/or “The Procedures” or your choice of idolatry for “The Group!”)

I’m pretty sure the main strategy AND subsequent tactics of liberals is to always generalize to dilute personal responsibility. It’s why they endorse group rights and responsibilities and absolutely hate factual cause-and-effect specifics. Generalizations are lies and exaggerations used to hide all the specific details of their individual criminal culpability. And they also get to blame specific victims for general group membership responsibilities, too!

They are criminals.

And, as such liberals like to assert that:

Criminals have rights, too!”

Well, actually: - NO, they don’t.

See, the Law is a social contract, where people agree to not attack (thereby innocent) others, first.

From agreeing to this, we get our only real right (to not be attacked first) and we have our only real concomitant, corollary responsibility (to not attack others first).

But when one chooses to break that contract and avoid one’s contracted responsibility BY attacking others first, one also thereby gives up one’s own right to not therefore be defensively (counter-)attacked by one’s attempted victims, second.

That counter-attacking second bit, was formerly known as “JUSTICE.” Criminals also used to be known as “Out-Laws” because their own choices had placed them outside the protections of the Law; it was therefore open season on them.

And even the courts do it, sometimes years later, when the perp is no longer a clear and present danger, because, as even the falsely divided civil and criminal laws agree, one must pay for what one takes.

The only job of any court or judge is to determine who started it, and to punish the instigating aggressors for their (even if failed) attempts; after all, it’s the thought (intent) which counts! And even “only attempted” crimes, are still crimes.

Any court or judge which refuses to do so, has abdicated their position of authority, and have become criminally negligent.

Basically, liberals are masochists: always trying to pretend to “control” their fears, BY causing the most worst-case-scenario pains they fear.

There’s no perversion or crime a liberal won’t Submit to or at least try to “compromise” with first. They seem to believe that it’s prudent, shrewd, realistic ‘realpolitik’ to rush in first, before some other fools beat them to it!

I believe even the most wilfully self-blinded, obtuse criminal negligent (muslim, liberal) is almost NEVER really focused on chasing nebulous “hope and change” (say, via dopamine output stimulation) as they so-often pretend to others, so much as they are avoiding pain (or, in their cases, more specifically avoiding the fear of pain – including the fear of having to face those fears to actually discover and cancel the root causes of the mistakes and unsolved problems which cause the pains they fear).

Even the most hardened drug addicts quickly become acclimatized to their drug of choice, and so require more and more and more of it to reach the same state of obliviousness, just as people who choose the relief from work tedium of a beach vacation quickly tire of the scene, as their minds automatically prioritize information by level of potential danger, and can be counted on toinstinctively cast about for more problems to solve, more pains to avoid.

Such is the nature of the thought process itself, whether they want to honestly admit it or dishonestly try to avoid it and distract and deflect others into not-noticing they are doing so; they find millenniae of hard-wired evolutionary learning isn’t so easily avoided by even the stupidest monkey.

So basically, everything liberals do is a deliberate attempt to pretend to ‘prove’ themselves to be mentally incompetent, so they won’t have any responsibility to think for them selves about anything. We should simply let them ‘prove’ their point, declare them non-compus mentis, and move on to other problems, while striving to improve the education system for all future generations.

He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.”

-Benjamin Franklin-

(But there’s some good news, too: People are born tabula rasa - as blank slates – so it’s plain to see that liberals have actually been trained to be stupid and evil, by other people who were also trained to be stupid and evil; each generation trying to outdo the previous ones in the depths of evil stupidity to which they sink)! Criminality is nurtured not nature.

And so, when arguing with liberals, please always remember this simple rule of thumb, kids:

Truth welcomes scrutiny. Falsehood demands tolerance.


In fact, lefties always sound retarded (hence, the accuracy of such terms as “leftardation,” “libtarded,” etc.) BECAUSE all they’re ever really doing is trying to think up alibi-EXCUSES FOR THEFT, so of course their language has to employ all the critical thinking logical fallacy evasions, distractions, deflections, euphemisms, and metaphors (i.e: lies) in order to sell it to sane people, (and all crimes are forms of theft); i.e: “Wealth Redistribution” and that of course requires lies, like I just said, most often in the form of evasive metaphors and euphemisms (like for the best instance example, the term “Wealth Redistribution” itself)!

Openly, honestly endorsing stating one’s “Theft is Good!” assertions usually won’t work, when trying to sell it to sane people.

If they were just plain stupid, they’d have to get some things right every now and then, just by random chance – but they don’t, because they have to know what’s right, in order to so perfectly oppose it all the time!

Since evil leftist masochists are always hell-bent on becoming victims of worst-case scenarios, they “project” onto and slander-blame their victims, because their first emotion is fear of getting caught for their crimes.

So subjective double-standards are what they’re all about! Deliberately! For them, No objective Truth allowed!

Most of their sub-sequent forced predeterminism and group-rights idolatry is also only an excuse to “defensively” either do nothing, or to enjoy a perpetual excuse to attack others first, even if only by having the false right to delinquently force their own self-reliant responsibilities onto groups of “privileged/guilty” (innocent) others.

And of course they’ll always try to co-opt the largest gang, the government, into helping them with their wealth redistribution theft schemes.

As Thomas Jefferson noted:

It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors?

And yet deliberate “error” (i.e: wilfully intended, criminal negligence) isn’t really ‘error’ at all, is it?

The motto of criminally negligent leftists everywhere must be: “There’s No Money In Solutions!” (So: Please Give Generously – AGAIN!)

They will always refuse to solve temporary problems with easy, simple and permanent solutions, in favor of not-solving them, spinning and pretending they are “eternal crises” with only temporary, band-aid “management therapies” available, in order to exploit the almost infinite number of symptoms unsolved problems generate.

Unfortunately, there’s only so many symptoms of The Golden Rule of Law (which simply defines all situational morality as “Do Not Attack First!”) one can address with lesser, circumstantial “laws” of morality, only so many right answers, before one must veer off into exploiting the almost infinite number of sorta almost right,(but really wrong) answers, in order to keep up the pretense that the legislators are actually doing something responsible to earn their pay and to continue to enjoy the right to govern others – a point which, after whence reached, societies decline into criminality and empires fall into ruin.

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Racist liberal legal system covers for muslim, reduces his prosecution

Crown Prosecutor reduces Ottawa muslim’s original two counts of attempted murder to aggravated assaults, tries to ban his name by slanderously pretending Canadian whites would “re-victimize” his own family victims.

 Typical liberal racism: “Oh, the Poor Swarthy Animals! They Just Can’t Help Being at the Mercy of their Animal Instincts, Always Reacting Violently to Oppression! So We Whites Should Stop Picking On Them!”

Trying to hide the perp’s (obviously muslim) name, while slanderously pretending it’s to “protect his family from re-victimization” (HOW?! By random white people pointing and laughing at them on the streets of Ottawa?!)

And reducing his crimes from attempted murder to aggravated assault, as if they NEEDED that plea bargain to gain his comfession to prove his guilt, because there weren’t enough credible witnesses otherwise (I guess the prosecutor agreed to Submit to sharia, where women’s testimony is only worth half a man’s, at best!)?

From today’s (Tuesday, December 52nd, 2014) leftarded Ottawa Citizen newspaper; p.#A3:

Dad admits knife attack on  his wife, daughter

By Gary Dimmock

The Ottawa real estate agent who attacked his daughter and wife with a butcher knife in May did so seconds after he saw an online photograph of his eldest daughter posing with a man she knew from her university Glee club.

The strict father had forbidden his children to have any presence on the Internet and was so controlling that he monitored their mobile phones, computers and bank accounts. He didn’t allow his three children — aged 16 to 20 — to date anyone or post online photos of themselves, let alone have a Facebook account.

The father, who cries himself to sleep most nights at the Innes Road jail, pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of aggravated assault in a plea bargain with the Crown that spared him prosecution on the more severe charges of attempted murder.

Court heard that right after he saw his eldest daughter’s picture on the Internet, he went to the kitchen and returned with a butcher knife.

May 3, 2014, was a big day for their family. His wife and daughter had just returned from his daughter’s new apartment. The father had never agreed that his eldest daughter, 20, could move out. And when she said her father no longer controlled her life, he said that in fact he did and slapped her across the face.

He then grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen and slashed his daughter in the shoulder. When she tried to grab it to stop the attack, her right pinky finger was severed and her ring finger partially severed.

When the attacker’s wife yelled for her daughter to call 911, drawing her husband’s attention, the man pushed his wife and slashed her. His wife suffered severe defensive wounds to both hands and her skull.

Ottawa police officers found the daughter’s severed finger and packed it in ice

Their daughter ran to the mud room, barricaded herself and called 911. Her mother fled to the basement and tried to call 911. Both then ran from their house and hid in a nearby ditch, then ran to their neighbour’s house for help. The neighbours tried to stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived.

When the Ottawa police arrived, they shouted for the real estate agent to open the front door. He did so, then crawled out to the front porch where he was arrested.

Ottawa police officers found the daughter’s severed finger and packed it in ice. The mother and daughter underwent lengthy surgeries and the daughter’s finger was re-attached.

The Crown prosecutor in the case requested and was granted a ban on publishing the names of the accused and his family so the victims wouldn’t be “re-victimized”.

He told court that although media reports at the time described the attacks as a family “honour crime”, nothing in the case file supports that theory.

No date has been scheduled for sentencing and the father remains in custody.


Original news release at the time, from here:

Ottawa-area realtor accused of trying to murder his wife and daughter

  • Updated 12:48 pm, May 5th, 2014
  • 5:19 pm, May 4th, 2014
Ottawa-area realtor accused of trying to murder his wife and daughter

Ottawa cops searched this upscale west-end home Sunday, May 4, 2014 after a woman and her daughter were attacked by a man with a butcher knife. The man is in custody and the girl’s finger had to be re-attached at hospital Saturday night


OTTAWA – A realtor accused of cutting off his daughter’s finger and stabbing his wife was charged with two counts of attempted murder Monday.

Labib Khawas, 55, will remain behind bars for at least the next three days so police can conduct “further investigation.”

The attack occurred Sunday at the family home near Ashton, southwest of Ottawa.

Khawas, a balding real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, said little during his brief court appearance Monday.

He was ordered not to communicate with his daughter, his son or his wife, who is a vice-principal at a Kanata elementary school.

His wife suffered serious stab wounds, including a cut to the back of her neck. His daughter’s finger was severed and another one was almost cut off as well.

The severed finger was reattached, but it remains to be seen if the operation will prove successful.

- With files from Doug Hempstead

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Seems likely Obama IS the antiChrist after all!

I found so much on this topic, when I went to YouTube and punched “obama is the antichrist” into their search!

One of the many videos on the Internet which suggest Obama is the antiChrist, asserts that a behind-the-scenes look at the languages Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew reveals that in the Bible in Luke 10:18, Jesus may have revealed the name of the Antichrist. The video suggests that it’s Barack Obama.

The Antichrist, according to many Christian teachers, is a person who will fulfill Biblical prophesy by becoming a powerful leader in the world but will be an evil ruler, a false messiah, a person who is either against or the opposite of Jesus Christ.

The video is based entirely on the verse in Luke 10:18, in which Jesus says, “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” KJV

The video says that the words in the verse were translated into English from the Greek New Testament, but were spoken by Jesus in Aramaic. It also says that Aramaic is “the most ancient form of Hebrew.” It goes on to say that the Hebrew word for “lightning” is “baraq.”

Then the video goes to the book if Isaiah in the Bible, chapter 14:14 where Satan is quoted as saying “I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most high.”

ObamaSatanAccording to the video, there are several references to Satan as having fallen from the “heights” or the “heavens” and that the Hebrew word used for heights is “bamah.” Further, according to the video, there are conditions in Hebrew in which “bamah” would have sometimes been pronounced “U-bamah” or “O-bamah” and would have been translated literally as “Lightening from the heights.”
The word for lightning is indeed “baraq” in Hebrew. In Aramaic it’s “beraq.” To muslims, it means the name of the flying female-headed donkey Muhammad rode to Heaven in his infamous “night journey” dream, from whence they lay claim to all of Jerusalem for islam. In all cases, it’s bad news!



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Same Turkey as last year (!?)


Whew! That bird’s really getting stale, isn’t it?! Why wasn’t it thrown out with the rest of the stuffing? The America political system sure seems weird to us unlettered socialist Canadians. But at least we still control our own currency, eh!


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Islam IS Political Correctness

Islam is a perfect fit with modern liberalism: ISLAM IS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

What sane people call “the slippery slope,” liberals call “progress!”

Political correctness (slanderous victim-blaming factual incorrectness) is both fraud (crime) and extortion – pretending that, either you lie along with the majority, or you’ll be replaced with a better liar by that same majority; group might makes right! Exact same as communazism.

Political correctness = factual incorrectness.

Anything that qualifies, modifies or otherwise dilutes “Correctness” is, by definition, less than Correct: it’s Incorrect; a lie and a FRAUD. “Political” Correctness is a lie backed up with the threat of might-made “right.”

[Similarly, “Multi-Culturalism” is nothing but “PC,” too – extortion and slander – it implies that all “cultures” (cultural indoctrinations) must now be INCORRECTLY tolerated as “equal” because in the past they were “unfairly,” “intolerably” discriminated against as “unequal” by “hatefully prejudiced bigoted racists.” ONLY White, Western cultures are forced to be “Multi-Cultural.” The intolerant Saudis aren’t derided for banning all non-muslims from Mecca or for carving up women. Nobody forces the “racist,” isolationist Japanese to open their borders to “poor” muslim immigrants or ebola-stricken Africans].

PC is also a clear case of ends-justify-means,* might-makes-right. Political correctness is only advocating for others to masochistically Submit to extortion – to “Go Along” (with criminal lies) “To Get Along” (with lying criminals).

It is a pretended and idolatrous philosophy of perpetual and habitual self-sacrifice, (whether or not the given situational circumstances require it) which agrees with the militarist’s extortion creed slanderously asserted by all ‘Authorities” everywhere, that we never have a right to self-defense.

And enforced self-sacrifice isn’t self-sacrifice at all!

But PC is worse than that – it’s an extortion attempt at mind/thought control, it embodies an implicit threat asserting that one WILL be attacked, if and when one even dares to THINK about defending one’s self, or even about preparing to do so!

It reverses cause and effect, inflicting fear to effectively neuter our ability to be rational.

It embodies the criminal’s assertion that only they have rights, while we only have responsibilities. It advises and commands us all to embrace their slavery – or else!

“Militarists and Pacifists both agree that there should be no resistance to the use of force!”

PC pretends – as all nannystate kindergarten teachers always insist – that all “attacks” (even counter-attacks, in defense of one’s self &/or of innocent others) are equally BAD things; PC is a LIE defined by immoral relativism.

And lying is the most basic form of theft – it’s the at-least-attempted theft of the Truth. Since all crimes are forms of theft, lying (“fraud”) is a crime. And lying backed up with the implicit threat of force, is the crime of extortion.

PC is an empty, fake pseudo-philosophy of submission to despair, to “inevitable” pain and failure, EXACTLY like islam – which is probably WHY islam is being deliberately embraced and forced on us all by our would-be corporazi globalist bankster oil-masters.

Extortion = give up, Submit, or DIE. StopIslam ………………… Let’s examine the most basic psychological assumptions present in both Judeo-Christianity and islam. Christianity encourages hope; while islam enforces despair:

Genesis claims we ARE able to distinguish evil (attacking innocents first) from good (self-restraint) and Isaiah says God only wants us to Reason with Him, while muslims claim he is both unknown and unknowable, and liberals like to pretend life is too complex for any of us to ever really understand cause and effect, so there’s no such thing as free will, choice, self-reliant responsibility, or even evil crimes nor evil criminals, because we’re all really only helpless before random predetermined, predestined forces outside our control, so we’re really all only victims of society, products of our environments, and slaves of allah.

Since their god never gave us free will, it also never separated itself from its creation, so they (both muslims and liberals) are really only atheists – when one’s version of a god is generally only “Everything!*” it’s also specifically only “Nothing!” (Existentialism IS Nihilism)!

“Islam” literally means “pacification” (violently forced compliance) not peace (which is “salaam”). Islam is coercion, (aka intimidation, bullying, duress, harrassment, activist agitation, extortion, and of course, “terrorism”) – it’s not voluntary.

While at “worst,” all real religions only say:

“Obey our silly rules, or GOD (/’the gods’) will get you!”

ONLY islam says:

“Obey our silly rules, or WE will get you (‘for god’)!”

And a forced “Faith!” ISN’T a “Faith!” at all – it’s only extortion, which is always a crime (unless done in defense of one’s self &/or innocent others, which islam is most specifically NOT doing).

At “best,” islam is designed to protect muslims FROM allah, BY sacrificing  all the non-muslims in the world to him!

Islam is the religion of murder. And Satan was a murderer from the beginning.

Leftists admire the “noble savage’s” murderous “freedom” from self-restraint.

Islam is all about FORCE and group (family, clan, tribe, ‘religion’)-might-made “rights” ABSOLUTELY trumping all individual ones:

In islam, abortions aren’t limited by age – parents and grandparents can kill their children and grand-children at ANY age, with no legal penalties for these allah-sanctioned murders!

OBJECTIVITY means all individual humans (and citizens of any groups thereof) should be treated EQUALLY, with the exact same rights and responsibilities.

SUBJECTIVITY means special-interest double-standards, where certain groups claim: “Only we have rights (to attack you first) while you only have responsibilities (like, to not defend yourselves from our attacks)!”

So: Objectivity = universal equality (law);

Subjectivity = CRIMINAL double standards: the unsolicited, forced transfer of rights and responsibilities (crime), because it’s proponents insist that NOT everyone should have equal rights, and thus also insists some should be denied rights, in advance (and not because they have lost their rights BY trying to take others’ rights away).

Obviously, islam falls into the latter category, where us-vs-them might makes right.

Bad laws depend not on what your free-will choice of what you might DO might eventually be, but on their subjective yet objectifying definition of what you ARE: in islam’s prejudicially slanderous us-versus-them and might makes right sharia code, all weaker groups – foreign infidels, women, children, slaves – are openly and officially pre-discriminated against, encoded right into their system of criminal laws.

Bad (“positivist,” “defensively pre-emptive”) laws are crimes because they attack first, by slandering citizens as criminals, and so also insisting that they have no inherent right to self-defense.

The Bibles posit God gave us free will BY separating us from Him (the tree, the expulsion).

So we’re left to discover basic cause-and-effect (‘scientific’) principles without having it forced on us.

We get to Reason things out, all on our own. And, according to Isaiah, that’s what God most WANTS us to do!

This means that we’re not pre-perfected robots, like the angels allegedly are.

The ability to learn from self-inflicted mistakes, to solve problems, also leaves us able to (choose to) NOT learn from those same mistakes, and to refuse to solve problems (both of which choices define “Sin.”)

And “Sin” is a synonym for Crime, and “sinner” = criminal.


CRIMINALS (1. muslims; 2. liberals) hold that there is no Golden Rule of Law and morality social contract between people (i.e; simply: “Do Not Attack First,”) because 1. allah (unlike our self-detatched God) always attacks first, and 2. life is too complex for anyone to ever really understand cause and effect.

In Judeo-Christianity, the notion of original sin posited that we can and do understand morality, and are therefore granted the free will to choose our own fates.

Both islam and liberalism deny free-will human conscience and responsibility; to them, we are all still really only dumb animals, at the mercy of our base instincts (like Muhammad demonstrated he was) and so there are no real evil crimes nor criminals, because we’re all only helpless victims: of society, products of our environments, and slaves of allah.

To both kinds of criminal, “God” didn’t give us free will, and didn’t stand back apart from his creation, separate (and distinct) from it. *

That “allah” is NOT in any way separate from his creation, is the MAIN point of islamic ‘theology.’

So their “god” is random, predetermined, predestined, unstoppable violent force (what the Qur’an describes as “in the way of allah”) – so “we can either Submit to this ‘fact,’ and thereby join it, or try to pointlessly resist it and so be destroyed by it.” Might Makes Right!

Both liberals and muslims pretend to be proud of their practicality in submitting to the extortionist’s creed that “We Have To Go Along” (with criminal lies) “To Get Along” (with lying criminals)! To liberals, this is called “Political Correctness,” and to muslims, it’s known as Submissive lying (“to Keep The Peace!”)

Liberals also call this cowardly instinctive Submission to despair: “shrewdness,” “realism,” & “realpolitik.”

Both liberals and muslims are group-might-makes-right criminal extortionist gangsters.

Both liberals and muslims believe in the supremacy of group identities over individual choices.

Both liberals and muslims believe in forcing outcomes which are against individual free-will choice.

Both use fatalistic predeterminism excuses: muslims: “the will of allah;” libs: “historical determinism.”

Both believe minority groups are helpless victims, slaves to destiny, and so should all be treated as such.

Both feel the right to be noblesse oblige elitist masters and so also to “protect” their submissive victim slaves, in stead of enabling them to defend them selves.

And, of course (being criminals) both reserve the right to always attack innocent others first. At most, they pretend to use “group rights” to “justify” this criminal position:

By endorsing group rights, any criminal has an automatic alibi for their crimes, if they can pre-posterously claim “retaliation” for something that once happened anywhere to anyone even only vaguely or remotely “like them.”

Then they can always claim “acting under mental duress of institutional oppression” excuses.

Which is basically just another variant on the institutional systematic procedural favorite:

“I didn’t do it – ONLY The GROUP did it! Whee!” always endorsed by corporate government types!

The group rights stance is always idolatry and slanderous, prejudicial fraud and extortion; it’s crime.

I notice the leftists Postmedia rags (Ottawa Citizen, etc) are still “trying to understand” the “tragedy” of the 2 jihadis who killed those two Canadian soldiers.

They insist one was only a typical Canadian drug addict; no islam here, folks!

Well it’s a simple thing to “understand,” really:

Whenever a Judeo-Christian feels depressed (probably because of liberal propaganda in society) and contemplates suicide, he knows he’s been told he’ll go to HELL for it.

In islam, on the other hand, muslims know that, if and when they feel depressed and suicidal, all they have to do is attack some unsuspecting, RANDOM “infidels,” and their sick version of a god will automatically welcome them into it’s highest HEAVEN, with special added bonuses for their family members, too!

After all, the human sacrifice of others is the main tenet of the koranimals’ forced “faith!”

Muslims are told to sacrifice “infidels” to protect them selves from their “god’s” wrath!


*The only time the ends justify the means is in defense of one’s self &/or of innocent others. One has no right to defend or cover up one’s crimes. Islam embraces the worst notion in the Old Testament, that of sacrificing OTHERS (although even Judaism only sacrificed animals as tasty ghost-meals to appease the offended spirit/s) to atone for one’s crimes, a role only God Himself can honesty fulfill, even by the muslims’ own rules, since even according to them, only He is truly responsible for, and so, “Guilty” of, everything.

In Christianity, Jesus is supposed to have been that final human sacrifice, “The Lamb:” saving us from the alleged need to be sacrificed in proportional response for our crimes.

By His own self-sacrifice, Jesus not only confirmed the Old Testament notion that God had deliberately separated Himself from his creation (including us), but also that He had done it FOR us, and still didn’t hold us accountable for His gift to us: of our ability to learn by making mistakes and inadvertently causing problems for our selves and others.

True “sin” only comes about if and when we pridefully assert “Screw you! I meant to do that!” and thus append our own lying slanderously masochistic criminal intent to gloss over our mistakes, in stead of owning up to, and so only then being able to correct them!

Muslims are in a perpetual state of eternal sin because they falsely claim that, since God is perfect, and He created them, then they are perfect, too, and so also posit that everything that ever goes wrong cannot be their fault, so there’s not only no need to try to correct mistakes and fix or solve problems here, but also that it would be an insult to “allah” to even try to do so! At most, they are to eliminate the mistaken people who cause problems!

Bottom line: Judeo-Christians see this world as an opportunity, as a learning experience. Muslims see it as a painful curse or test to be feared and opposed – or at most, endured.

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Dracula Untold Irks Turks

I saw the movie, and it was awesome, because it asserts self-defense is allowed vs. islam (!)

(I know, I know – totally out of character for racist masochistic liberal Hollywood, right?)!

Anyway, I wasn’t going to review it, or reply to the slanderous lies presented by the Turks about it, [in the New Statesman (and reprinted in the New Republic), where Turkish writer Elest Ali asks the burning cinematic question, “Is Dracula Untold an Islamophobic movie?”] until others decided to take her down first, (here).

“Let’ em continue to stew in their own prideful holier-than-thou lies and ignorant slander,” I said to my self: that alone is all the punishment they need.

Why educate the enemy?

But since then, others (and my own damned ego LOL!) have prompted me to revise that initial stance, so here goes after all:

The Turk’s review of the recently-released “Dracula Untold” movie is (of course) …

Nothing but pathetic lies.

The Turkish “reviewer” made so many historical errors it’s hard to know where to start.

She says Dracula was of the line of the “Draculesti,” whatever that is. WRONG.

Dracula’s surname was BASARAB. The family ruled nearby Bessarabia, and the progenitor was Voda Negru (the Black Prince) aka Basarab the Old. Their symbol was BAAL ( the pagan’s horned moon-bull god) but NOT ALLAH! ‘Basara’ is an ancient Arabic word which means “stern-faced biter” (how prophetic LOL)! Chances are, they were originally ARABS; hardly “racists” when it comes to islam (although they may have been righteously indignant about Arabia being violently conquered and enslaved by the bandit-king Muhammad and his goons)!

His own middle name was Dragulya, which means “beloved one” and his nickname (which he gleefully adopted and even used in signing offical correspondence,) was of course Dracula. His father (whom he despised) had been given the honorific “Dracul” when inducted into the Ordo Draconis when Vlad was born in 1431.

Anyway, let’s start off with noting how the Turkish movie critic completely avoids the main motivating issue of contention in the movie: the “Devshirme” culling (kidnapping) of indigenous children to satisfy the Sultan’s perverse desires, and to be brainwashed and used later as janissary shock troops against their own brethren.

Dracula strenuously objected to the practice, which was first introduced around the time of his birth (the Turks had first invaded Wallachia only ten years before that)!

That’s the main plotline for the movie, and yet she’s avoided it completely, probably because, as a “TRUE STORY,” it makes her own Turkish people look like the evil ISIS-like swine they’ve always been, and, it increasingly seems, still are!

And the rest of the review is nothing but fact-free, speculative opinion presented as fact – in other words, pathetic lies to deflect from Turkish guilt; i.e:


“Vlad Dracul II of the house of Draculesti sought support from the Ottoman Sultan in his claim to the Wallachian throne. To put him on it, the Ottomans waged war with Dracul’s enemies. In return, Dracul willingly offered them not one, but two of his sons: Vlad Tepes Dracula and Radu cel Frumos – aka Radu the handsome. While Vlad Tepes went on to become the progenitor of the vampire myth, his brother would remain loyal to the Sultan, and his childhood friend, Mehmet II.”


Vlad Dracul didn’t “seek support” from the muslims, he was already on the Wallachian throne, and was supported by the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Sigismund, and by the king of Hungary, Matthew Corvinus!

In fact, the situation was the exact opposite: he was extorted into giving up his sons as hostages to the Turks BECAUSE they suspected he would attack them in a Crusade if they didn’t force him to do so!

Besides, Vlad wasn’t known as “Vlad Tepes” until AFTER he’d learned impaling – FROM THE TURKS!

In addition, Radu wasn’t Mehmet II’s “childhood friend” because the sultan was a grown man when the Basarab child-hostages were rendered unto him – in stead, Radu was only an innocent 8-year-old child when Mehmet first RAPED him, and gave him syphilis (which they both eventually later died from)!!!!

The Turkish muslim author of this insipid article then states:

“The film’s generous use of the word “Turk” was interesting. To call an Ottoman a Turk is like calling a Roman an Italian. True, the Ottoman sultans were of Turkic origin. But the empire was much too big, much too ethnically diverse to be called Turkish.”

LIAR!!!! Just look at a map!

Apart from the fact that “Turks had a Turkic origin” OUTSIDE of what was then, as now, known as “Turkey,” the nomadic barbarian tribes of same had all violently invaded Greek THRACE and Tarsus and ANATOLIA before the conqerors re-named it to “Turkey!”

Turkey ITSELF abuts Romania at Bulgaria, and Turkish ships can easily get straight to Romania directly from TURKEY itself, not from some varied and diverse part of the allegedly multi-ethnic-and-cultural empire!

And of course all empires can claim to be multi-ethnic, but MOST if not all of them cannot validly claim to have expanded to have become so through means of “peaceful tolerance!”

In fact, even the multi-ethnic and multi-religious Roman empire consisted of multiple countries which had all been first violently invaded and enslaved by Rome’s own pagan emperors.

And it’s only an historical aside that all of later Christendom itself was peacefully converted when all the provincial Roman heads of state decided to go along with emperor Constantine’s own conversion, in order to continue to curry favor with his regime!

However, contrast pagan Rome’s tolerance of other religions with islam’s intolerance.

And Judeo-Christian tenets have no world-conquest mandate, unlike islam’s official one.

Anyway, I saw the film a few weeks ago, here in Ottawa.

The Turks were clearly depicted AS muslims, displaying their crescent-moon banners.

And it was awesome: the theatre was packed, and everyone was cheering loudly for Vlad and hating the Turks (muslims) and there was not a muslim to be seen in the audience!!!

And, (apart from the vampire stuff,) the only obvious historical inaccuracies were:

a) that Dracula had no army when the Turks came calling, and
b) that the Turks shot holes in Dracula’s castle with cannons.

In reality, it was Dracula who first brought Chinese gunpowder, rifles and cannons to Europe, to blow the shit out of the (very surprised) backwards barbarian Turks LOL!

Another historical inaccuracy in the movie was where Dracula slew Mehmed II; in reality, he ran away from his ignoble defeats in Transilvania and Wallachia, to have better luck elsewhere – an inaccuracy I’d be surprised the Turkish reviewer missed, has she not also demonstrated such complete bias and total ignorance of history in the rest of her article!

It was Vlad’s successful defense of his native lands which caused the eventual conquest of unfortunate Contstantinople, because once the Sultan had been evicted from Wallachia and Transilvania, his own men had demanded a victory – ANY victory! – from him, or else he would be EATEN by them. So, in suicidally reckless despair, he had then decided to kill himself in a “glorious” attempt to do the impossible: to take the impregnable holy city.

His unexpected audacity caught the Greek defenders there completely off guard (for who but a suicidally desperate madman would ever have even dreamed of trying such a thing?!) and so almost by accident, he succeeded. Then, however, Wallachia and Transilvania only remained muslim-free for another few years, until the almost-inevitable masochistic liberal treason of the sell-out boyars (the corrupt, upper-class of liberals of their day) enabled its downfall; but the rest of Eastern Europe wasn’t so fortunate in their leadership.

Dracula alone had stemmed the tide of the Ottoman advance at the time; without him, it’s probable that North America would never have been discovered, as Christopher Columbus would have been left to his own devices, speaking Arabic in remote “Andalusian” mosques!

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