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Leftopathic Ottawa Citizen Demands Canada Become Syria!

From pages D1-4 of the Ottawa Citizen, on Saturday, April 8, 2017, and online (for a time) here: IF WE WERE SYRIA Syrian war’s awful toll would stretch across Canada Numbers cannot tell the story of a nation’s tragedy, but … Continue reading

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What is the TPP?

In one word? It’s TREASON. See, even if it wasn’t full of secret globalist corporate control stuff, (which will open up the country to globalist corporazi bankster control, which means unlimited muslim invaders) it’s still insane because it wants to open … Continue reading

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Racist AP Cringers On The Defensive – Stockholm Syndrome Suspected

Well, the other day I did a piece about the complicity of the media concerning moslem crimes. THEN the story broke about how Obama was illegally spying on them all. Surely now, I foolishly thought to my self, the last … Continue reading

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Omar Khadr

I’m Canadian. Khadr was sentenced to 40 years for murder, (not to mention the questionable photos of him holding the severed hands and feet of his family’s sharia victims, etc) yet only served a quarter of that. Within a year, … Continue reading

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