Leftopathic Ottawa Citizen Demands Canada Become Syria!

From pages D1-4 of the Ottawa Citizen, on Saturday, April 8, 2017, and online (for a time) here:

Syrian war’s awful toll would stretch across Canada

Numbers cannot tell the story of a nation’s tragedy, but as Shannon Gormley writes, they can help bring it closer to home.

If Canada were Syria, large parts of this country would be wrecked: abandoned by the living and home to the dead. But which parts, precisely? Where might the wreckage lie?
Syria’s crisis is unfathomable to all but those ruined by it; 470,000 people are dead. Another 11,300,000 are displaced. Numbers this absurd must be made familiar to be believed.
As things stand, the crisis remains inaccessible. Population indicators are obviously poor measures of collective trauma. Syria’s war is certainly much worse than suggested by the comparison to Canada that you’re about to find here. This one won’t reflect the particular geography of war. Nor will it adjust for Canada’s population size, which is larger than Syria’s; nor reflect the full losses to a country’s culture and society.
Still, let’s say it’s enough, for the moment, to account for the loss of human beings.
Having come to terms with the weakness of the whole exercise, we might consider the most gentle possible reckoning of what would happen to our country, then, If Canada Were Syria:
Ottawa is deserted. Toronto is deserted. Montreal: deserted. Vancouver, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon, Quebec City and Guelph are ghost towns, too, as are Brockville and Perth. As for Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon — these also, whole provinces, have been vacated.
Canada’s greatest metropolises and many of its smaller places, too, are empty. Gone. Cleared out.

No, they wouldn’t, you flaming delusive retard! Syrian cities are still occupied, which is why they are still having problems hosting rebels and foreign invaders, and why you can complain about ‘civilian deaths!’ If there were no ‘civilians’ (and according to the Qur’an, no muslim is an innocent ‘civilian’) then the war would have no impact on anyone at all!

The next question is: Where would we flee?
Most of us can’t leave Canada, or won’t. That means everyone from Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Hamilton sticks to our borders even if we’re pushed to the edges. We stay in our country, if not in our homes, left behind in the debris that was once a nation by circumstance if not by choice. When the bombs fall, we disperse then huddle, finding shelter in anything with a roof on it, from schools to hospitals. Not that these are safe from our leaders, who target them.

The Syrians aren’t huddling along their own borders, since none of their own muslim Arab (and Farsi) neighbours will take in ANY of them anyway! NO adjacent muslim country – not Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar or the UAE will take in any of them – so why should we bring any over here?

But some of us run farther, heading for the hills abroad.
Maybe we do it because we have more money; maybe because we take on the risk of running ahead before sending back for our families, assuming they’re still alive and we are, too.

That’s fucking insane! What military-aged man would abandon his own family in a war-zone, tard?! Especially while taking all the family money away with them to parts unknown? You are a vile liar.

Our friends warn us that we may be greeted by barbed-wire fences, detention cells and roving gangs of neo-Nazis. But what’s that to planes that spit fire, the bombs and the sarin? When those of us from Winnipeg, Calgary, Saskatoon, Quebec City, Guelph, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon are forced to choose between the devil we know and the devil we don’t, we leave for an uncharted hell.

Without our families? Yeah, maybe I can see you evil selfish entitled liberals doing that, but not us!

Some of us bring our kids along. But the kids who are lucky enough to get out of the war may not get to class: More than 1.5 million of our refugee children aren’t enrolled in school. Before the war, our classes taught about 25 children each. The kids have had to leave their desks empty in 60,000 classrooms, and their futures behind.

Really? “Some” of us? How many is that? I’d say (and the UN agrees with me) at most, ten percent!

These are the living. So what of our dead?
Six years of largely governmentsanctioned homicide has killed an estimated 470,000 Canadians. Everyone from Windsor, North Bay, Sarnia, Kingston, Cornwall, Hawkesbury and Cobourg is dead.

Bullshit. Where are you getting such inflated data from? Even the UN can’t make such estimates!

At their time of death, the inhabitants weren’t all civilians. Which isn’t to say that they deserved to die. Some were fighting in good faith against a repressive regime; others were forced by a repressive regime to fight.

Lies. Most of the ‘rebels’ aren’t even from Syria, they are foreign jihadis hired and armed by Obama.

But if someone can only bring themselves to care about civilians, they should know this: Of the mortuary cities of Windsor, Kingston, Cornwall and Cobourg, every dead body in Kingston, Cornwall and Cobourg belongs to a civilian.
“Civilian” is such an inexact term, though. We can parse it further. Surely we’ve learned that in a civil war death doesn’t discriminate by age.

According to the Qur’an itself, there are no muslim civilians. Family members are obligated to jihad.

And so, I’m afraid we have to look at the dead kids now. Dead babies always make great liberal porn.
Of the 207,000 murdered Canadian civilians, 24,000 are children. Of course, you will have a difficult time picturing 24,000 dead children for reasons of scale as much as emotional capacity.
Imagine this instead: Their corpses could fill 308 Canadian school buses. Three hundred and eight bright yellow hearses, your standard-size Blue Bird, carrying as many as 78 small bodies each.
Do all the bodies in your fantasy have to be “small” ones? Are you insulting the fat kids’ memories?!

Anyway, while we are leaving behind everything we own and know, or burying our families, or dying ourselves, the world is debating.
It debates the merits of intervening to try to save some of the Canadians. It worries that the repression and killing of Canadian is complicated, as if any war is uncomplicated, and that our war is not their problem, as if the bodies of our kids are not washing up on their shores.
We die, we run, we climb into rafts and choke on gas and still the world debates, debates even the merits of taking us in. It worries that Canadians aren’t good at finding jobs immediately after escaping civil war; or that we are very good at finding jobs, too good, better than their own people.
Ah, you’ve presumed that the world just has to take in refugees while it attacks our own government.

We will worry too: those of us abroad, about whether we’ll ever get to go home, or be made to feel at home in the places to which we’ve had to flee; those of us stuck, about whether we’ll ever get out.
More bullshit – ‘we’ left our families behind from areas which had enjoyed peace and no battles for over 3 years, just like the people-smuggling Alan Kurdi’s father did, just to find better jobs in countries which had absolutely no responsibility to us (in the West) simply because the Qur’an tells all muslims they must leave muslim lands and go invade all remaining infidel lands for allah. And that is the exact same official holy reason that none of our ‘peaceful’ muslim neighbours took us in.

But anyway, it’s just a silly thought experiment. Canada is Canada and Syria is Syria, so in the midst of the greatest humanitarian disaster of our lifetimes we can return to feeling proud of that one time we let in 25,000 refugees, equivalent in size to many unknown towns rather smaller than most of the 20-odd places we’ve imagined could belong to the dead and the driven-out if Canada were Syria.
Their corpses could fill 308 Canadian school buses. Three hundred and eight bright yellow hearses …




If Canada were Syria

Shannon Gormley

In this picture taken on Thursday, May 29, 2014, a Syrian refugee girl sits in a classroom at a Lebanese public school where only Syrian students attend classes in the afternoon, at Kaitaa village in north Lebanon. More than 1.1 million Syrian refugees are now living in Lebanon.
In this picture taken on Thursday, May 29, 2014, a Syrian refugee girl sits in a classroom at a Lebanese public school where only Syrian students attend classes in the afternoon, at Kaitaa village in north Lebanon. More than 1.1 million Syrian refugees are now living in Lebanon.Hussein Malla / CP


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AMMAN, Jordan — At the hands of a sociopathic government, foreign militants and their own neighbours, millions of Syrians have suffered from chemical attacks, kidnappings, bombings, shootings, rape, displacement and torture.

Notice how only their government, foreigners, and their neighbours did it – no Syrians involved at all!

But at the hands of the wider international community, they’ve suffered from — among other things — the limited powers of the human imagination. As World Vision humanitarian worker Meg Sattler told me in Jordan last week, the sheer magnitude of the crisis is too overwhelming to picture.
To aid Canada’s stunted imagination, I’ve grafted the Syrian crisis onto Canada, comparing affected Syrian populations to roughly equivalent Canadian populations. The Canadian government must provide more humanitarian assistance, pressure other wealthy countries to do the same, and stop pretending it will eventually resettle a mere thousand Syrian refugees. Instead, it should actually resettle thousands of Syrian refugees as quickly as possible. Were our fortunes reversed with Syria’s, we’d expect no less from the international community.

Three notes on the numbers: first, Syria’s pre-war population was 22 million and Canada’s is around 35 million; second, my Canadian examples are localized, which fails to account for the broad geographical dispersal of loss in Syria; finally, most figures are based on registered refugees or conservative estimates, which fails to account for many Syrians.

In other words, rather than risk exaggerating the Syrian crisis, the following comparison dramatically understates it. And yet, if Canada were Syria, even an understatement would look something like this:

  • Everyone in Sudbury is dead. Every single person: combatants, civilians, and 10,000 children. All gone. The 160,000 people have been killed in a variety of ways: by barrel bombs filled with chlorine gas, by gunfire, or in detention, often after being tortured with electric cables and other means.
  • Rape is becoming pandemic. All the women from Ottawa’s Capital and Kitchissippi Wards report being victimized by gender-based violence. That’s 38,000. Women from other communities are targeted too, but don’t report it.
  • To escape the ongoing violence, the entire traumatized populations of Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City have abandoned their condos, apartments, suburban homes and mansions and fled to neighbouring municipalities and farms elsewhere in Canada. Many of these 6.5 million people live — often hungry and fearful — in gymnasiums, basements, tents or with relatives, wondering if the violence will reach them again and push them farther on, which it often does, or waiting for it to end.
  • Others know that if the violence doesn’t end — and no end is in sight — then nowhere in Canada will be safe. So the Maritime provinces and the city of Laval have also fled their homes, but to other countries.
  • The crossing isn’t easy. Tens of thousands of Canadians have been detained in prison-like holding centres. Some make the journey by boat, only to be turned away by violent officials in Maine; many drown.
  • Across the globe, countries like Australia don’t let Canadians in at all, afraid that we’ll hurt their economy and/or culture. European Union nations have only offered 12,000 places, barely enough for just the residents of Mississippi Mills to find refuge.
  • Nearer the epicenter of the crisis, Connecticut has kept its borders open to Canadian refugees, hosting the entire populations of Nova Scotia and PEI. It initially refused to build formal camps though, forcing many of the 1.1 million refugees to live in informal tent settlements or squat in abandoned buildings.
  • All of New Brunswick fled to Massachusetts, which did build formal camps: the entire populations of Saint John and Moncton live in the largest one, amidst harrowing violence and squalor.
  • Despite enormous death and displacement tolls, the larger international community, unfamiliar with foreign-sounding places like Brampton and Cobourg, and believing Canadians live in igloos anyway, refuses to provide the aid and resettlement support that the United Nations High Commission for Refugees identifies as necessary.

At least, this is what the world might look like if Canada were Syria.

Shannon Gormley is a Canadian journalist based in Istanbul. She writes for the Citizen weekly about global affairs and the state of liberalism around the world. SHE IS A GLOBALIST TRAITOR.


Idolatry is the result of fear-focused psychopathy, where the idolater ignores cause and effect to see effects as their own causes.

Their idols are idealized excuses created by “ideologue” criminals in order to avoid their own free-will chosen intentions and culpability in, and guilt for, their own crimes.

Being fear-focused masochists, they not only see “Fear” as a Real Thing which causes pain, and so is to be feared and avoided rather than heeded to avoid similar future pains, but they therefore also actually prefer to pretend to be able to control their own fears, BY causing those very same, worst-case scenario problems (like by attacking innocent others first, whom they accuse of causing them to have fears by thinking about them) which cause the pains they fear the most!

Idealized ideas (idols) are subjectively relativized GENERALIZATIONS, preferably removed (or ‘abstracted’) from any situational, circumstantial causes and effects.

Therefore, idolaters pretend, for instance, that “War” (and “Crime”) are Real Things, ‘tragedies’ like natural disasters, which simply happen spontaneously without any human intention or actions or even involvements.

Similarly, they believe in “Freedom” and “Liberty” while ignoring the absolute necessity of the implications of having to address the problems of identifying the freedom TO and FROM what, in each and every separate circumstantial situation. Ditto for “Speed;” “Value,” and synonyms for same (“Liberty”) etc. – without having to reference freedom FROM or TO, WHAT, exactly?! (etc)! Not to mention “Peace!” much less (even worse) “World Peace!”

These are ’emotive’ trigger-words, designed to induce emotions (whether good or bad) and avoid thought.


The god-level slaver, “Allah,” as ‘inevitable” force, is their excuse to enjoy freedom from self-restraint.


It’s also why criminal idolaters (lawyers, politicians) prefer to use flowery emotive metaphors (i.e: distractive lies) and the “shit happens,” third-person “passive voice” linguistic tense, when speaking.

Thus for a libertine “liberal” psychopath (those who “progress” away from the pains of cause-and-effect category thinking) the solution to “wars in the Middle East” isn’t to investigate and ban the causes of those wars, (islam) but to bring every last one of those holy-war-indoctrinated humans responsible for it, from the “war zones” over there, to the lands of “peace” and plenty, here!

The obvious result is that we WILL then predictably BECOME Syria, exactly as the leftopathic masochists want it!

BOTTOM LINE? Their creed orders them to infiltrate and conquer us.
Our creed demands we let our leaders sell our country to them.

Judeo-Christian “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!” won’t work vs islam’s “THOU SHALT KILL!”

Delinquent fickle treasonous and masochistic libertine “liberal” criminal cowards think the best solution is to become part of the problem!

When all countries are infested with and destroyed by holy-war-prone jihadi “muslims,” the globalists will step in to “save” us all from the very problem their paid and owned enemedia presstitutes caused!


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