Darth Jar-Jar Exposed

It has recently come to my attention that some Deaf victimologists think people hated the Jar-Jar Binks character from Star Wars “because of the way he sounded / because he had a speech impediment!” (Presumably they thought it because they, too, sound ‘weird’ to us)!



People hated jar-jar not because of the way he sounded (which was EXACTLY like any given stoned Rastafarian from Jamaica) but because of WHAT he said, all the time! He was portrayed as a total fucking idiot, and in fact was used as the ultimate patsy – when he had been made (for god knows what reason) a Senator, he was the one who tabled the vote
which ultimately destroyed the Old Republic and ushered in the dark ages of the tyrannical Imperium LOL!

HE was the one who took it upon him self to stand up in the Senate and say “I say we should all vote to suspend the rule of law, and replace all of our rights to govern with an Emperor! Whee!” And to advance the plot, they all agreed!


The problem with Jar-Jar is that people understood him all-too-well! He didn’t have a speech impediment, he was simply from his planet’s backwards primitive sub-racial sub-culture of troglodytes who mangled the common language like they all did, by saying such things as “Me say” and “Me’s a” (total fucking retard) in stead of “I say” or “I am” (!)

It was torture to people’s ears what those who have listened to classical music find when listening to “rap!” BECAUSE they deliberately mangle the language!

Jar-Jar didn’t have a speech impediment! He had a racial/cultural BRAIN impediment!


Even worse, the genetically and mentally superior (i.e: white) people of the planet Naboo, (where the princess and Jar-jar were both from) had to bow and scrape and make reparations for their (implied as racist) arrogance before the Gungans (Jar-jar’s people) would condescend to help them defeat the empire, which was trying to destroy BOTH peoples! In other words, the ‘Gun-gangs’ were all portrayed as utter retards (i.e: as blacks) who were too stupid to fight for their own survival, without first making those who were trying to save them all, grovel!


In summary: the Gungans of Naboo were the most racist (and racially inferior) characters George Lucas ever invented, and most people (not liberals) could easily see he was making fun of stoned lazy black Rastafarians from Jamaica etc!!!

So yeah, everybody hated the Jar-jar character. Oh, and since nobody could be as consistently stupid as he was, it has also been a secret joke that maybe Jar-jar was really the Darth Sith-lord who was the Emperor’s master LOL!

Note to Deaf people: the CCs in this video often substitute “Charge our” for “Jar-Jar.”

Because Jar-jar turned out to be the most destructive force in the Star Wars universe, for whatever reason (either unbelievable bad-luck coupled with incredible stupidity, or incalculable planning and genius-level evil intentions)!


In sum: while most people like to hear the easygoing tones of a laid-back Rastafarian stoner-speak Jamaican accent, they most certainly don’t like to see blacks portrayed as dangerously destructively naive pawns of white manipulation! THAT’S “RACIST!”



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