How can we defame religions?!

Re: the “Defamation of Religions” trope:

WELL, WHAT IS ‘RELIGION’ ANYWAY?! Let’s dare to compare:

Philosophy – is speculation, presented AS speculation.
Science – is tested speculation, presented AS tested speculation.
Religion – is speculation, presented AS FACT.

So, obviously, only one of these (religion) is a LIE – and lying is only the most basic form of theft (it’s the theft of the Truth) and all forms of theft ARE crime.

At best, religion is the opinion of the religion-salesman, presented as fact, and sold as helpful advice: do what god advises, or bad things will happen, not because god is (or the gods are) out to get you, but because you ignored their laws (like gravity).

And, at WORST, all “real” religions only say:

“Obey our silly rules, or GOD (/’the gods’) will get you!”


“Obey our silly rules, or WE will get you (‘for god’)!”

Qu’ran, Sura 4:77: ‘Those who whined “Hold back your hands (from attacking)” were corrected: “War is compulsory for us – the good and bad both come from allah!” ‘

Thus proving the moslems have absolutely NO faith nor belief in their god’s own desires or abilities to enforce his own, us-versus-them and might-makes-right “laws.”

So all moslems are really only atheists, and “worse:” While the OT saw god as a big bad scary unknown (basically, they were told to fear god AS Pain) the New Testament reversed this, to seeing god as hope (of no pain). In fact, even in the OT, there were intimations of this evolution from fear to hope, as the “God IS Love!” bit was actually said first by MOSES, and Isaiah said that god “ONLY WANTS US TO REASON WITH HIM.”

The Koran, however, said “NO! That’s not right! God is still only a big, bad, scary unknown thing, (i.e: Pain incarnate) and so is always only to be feared, not loved! God (“allah”) doesn’t need you, and he doesn’t love you, either! In fact, he’s the one who blinds you to his own truth, and throws you into eternal Hell for it, too!

So basically, islam is all stick, no carrot. On his own deathbed, Muhammad was asked what he thought would happen to him in the afterlife, and his reply was: “I have absolutely no idea.”

I think most of the smarter moslems say to themselves:

“I know I worship nothing – but it’s MY Nothing!”

Islam is empty of all hope, and only demands we all fear pain (which is natural to everything anyway) – it’s nothing more than idolatry, and excuse to evade the pains of personal self-responsibility and thinking for one’s self. And that’s why it’s so hard to destroy and why it seems to be “winning” – because it gives it’s moslem mind-slaves the right to be irresponsible, and to slanderously commit all crimes in god’s name. It might as well be (“Who dares, wins!”) Satanislam.

And of course there’s only two real “cultures” in this universe: Civilization (which, by agreeing to obey The Golden Rule of Law, or “Do Not Attack First!” we enable trust and progress) and Barbarism (i.e: islam, where, by disobeying the Golden Rule of Law in favour of the brazen rule of chaos, or “Our god says it’s our holy right and duty to ALWAYS attack everyone else, so there, nyah!” – the criminals inflict distrust and stagnation on them selves and on their victims, too.

Now, let’s compare the Bibles and Qur’an.

Comparing the Bibles and Qur’an:

Both the Christians and Jews agree that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi (no contest there) – and they also both agree that Muhammad was a fraud and was NOT the Jews’ final prophet!

The Jews also believe in *A* Christ, and so they ARE indeed ‘Christians’ (they invented the Messiah concept, after all) they just don’t believe that Yeshua Ben Yusef was the Christ, so they are still waiting for Him. So both Jews and Christians ARE technically ‘Christians,’ who agree to disagree over the identity of their respective Christs!


Moslems don’t believe in a Christ, because to them, allah is the prefect idol excuse as it is: because it cannot be known, reasoned with, nor understood; allah is simply “everything” (and so, since allah cannot be defined, it is also simply “nothing”)!

Existentialism IS nihilism!

i.e: “We can never understand allah; if we commmit crimes, then they can’t be crimes because they happened, and the only things that happen can only happen because allah willed them to happen; thus, moslem crimes are really holy rights and duties, not crimes at all! Whee!” So, Allah has no son: because He is perfect and irreproducable, and has no need to communicate anyway.

Christians (and Jews) believe that, even if we can’t fully understand God, (simply because we aren’t that smart,) that still doesn’t mean that God can’t understand us, nor is God so stupid that He can’t let us “reason with him,” (as it says in the book of Isaiah, which is the only Biblical old Testament book Christ ever quoted,) because He is still quite capable of understanding us on our own terms, and communicating with us on our own terms, AS incarnated in Jesus! SIMPLE, eh?


Now, to refute those who say “All religions are the same!” (because they want to use the critical-thinking logical fallacy or evasive excuse called the Argumentum Tu Quoque to say: “ISLAM ISN’T EVIL BECAUSE WE ALL DO IT TOO!” so they can avoid having to risk their lives by saying: “islam is only an evil extortion racket CRIME syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it, is where they say: “God told us to commit these crimes!”)…

Islam is literally, INFINITELY worse, than even the worst bits of the Old Testament (which it was mostly based on) and here’s how and why:

The OT – even in its worst, homophobic, kill-your-children-if-they-don’t-worship-Yahweh, etc and genocidal bits, was only written BY THE JEWS AND FOR THE JEWS!

Even those (7+2) tribal genocides were arguably defensive in nature, as the Jews, having escaped Egyptian slavery, were only en route back to their historical place of origin and homeland in Canaan, when their old neighbours decided to block their return. So they were told to kill THESE specific tribes, ONCE, and HERE (in the environs immediately surrounding the land of Israel). Those stories were and still are only incidentally descriptive histories, not eternally prescriptive commands.

Contrast that with the Koran, where Muhammad had all those old, BAD, genocidal bits read to him, declared then to be GOOD things, and then extrapolated them from being merely temporary, situational historical references and descriptions, into ETERNAL and GLOBAL prescriptions and “commandments of god” to apply EVERYWHERE and FOR ALL TIME, and to EVERYONE else, too!

So the (literally infinite) difference is: Our “holy” use of violence to enforce our rules applies:
(Jews) To ONCE, HERE, only for us; contrasted with:
(moslems:) To ALWAYS, EVERYWHERE, for everyone else, too!


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