Liberalism IS criminally-negligent Suicide

November 8, 2012

Liberalism IS criminally-negligent Suicide

I know it’s almost embarrassing to have to explain to the public why rationality is better than irrationality, but then just consider that most of the public came out of the socialist public school system, where the takers have long since outnumbered the makers. (However, the makers may be at fault, for defering to salesmen and fostering an infantile dependancy in their clients in order to maximize profits & so remain entitled to consider them selves a separate elite).

For all those who have long-suspected liberalism of being a mental disease – YES it is; in fact, it is the only true mental “disease” – but – not being neurological in nature – it is also both more, (in being really only a self-inflicted CRIME against rationality and civilization, but one encouraged by society) and less, than being simply a disease (in being able to be controlled by choice alone)!

Liberals want hope without fear, and rights without responsibilities. Their main personal self-reliant responsibility-avoiding idol is “existentialism:” shit happens; I am therefore I am; and is based on their ridiculous immoral relativism claims that “It’s an absolute fact that there are absolutely no absolute facts!”

They hold that, “Since there’s always a diverse multiplicity of causes and effects, we can never really know anything for sure! So, “since” all facts are really only opinions anyway, my subjective and entirely fact-free opinions are the diversely opposite equals to the conservative’s silly objective facts! In fact, there can be no criminals nor crimes, because we’re all really only helpless victims of our fears of pain and might-makes-right anyway! Only groups have any real rights, simply because they have the ability to take them! Whee!”

So they hold that it is not only impossible, but wrong of us to try to tell them they really can tell the difference, and so have a responsibility to distinguish between, right and wrong!

That might oblige them to have an ‘onerous,’ inconvenient and possibly even painful responsibility to become right, and so to have to indulge in painful thinking, in stead of maintaining their “right” to the ignorant bliss of remaining ignorantly, irresponsibly wrong!

They pretend that there are no real criminals, because we’re all really only victims anyway!

So of course they then insist it be made “illegal” to accuse any criminals of their crimes, if doing so might “offend” the criminals by hurting their feelings, and so “make” them commit even more crimes!

They pretend fears and greeds are opposites, too – yet fear (of pain) IS still also really only greedy hope (the hope of no pain)! Hope is universal, while greed is hope still limited by fear: the hope for only less pain, and “for me alone, not for everyone else, too!” Greed is envy; fearful, victim-blaming slanderous jealousy.

[Contrary to those “WallStreet” movies, Greed is NOT good; Greed is still really only FEAR.]

Thus, while liberals correctly see fear as pain, they also make the mistake of ignoring that it is also the basis for the first step in the binary (fear and hope) thinking process itself: fear is really only the memory of pain, projected to the future; without fearing pain, we can never HOPE to discover and so avoid the mistakes and problems which cause the pains we fear! Liberals in stead choose to fear fear itself, and so hope to avoid pain by refusing to think – at all, ever!

They are literal psycho-paths (thought-killers) and masochists, who seek to avoid being painfully attacked by others by attacking them selves (and all others) first.

They are suicidal nihilists, and so should be taken at their words: since they believe in nothing, they cannot be held to have any opinions concerning facts, and so should be not only not allowed to vote, nor participate in the socio-economic polity the existence of which they betray by rejecting, they should also be sequestered away from those they would seek to corrupt (cowardice loves company) especially helpless, innocent children! They have CHOSEN to opt out of participation in our civilized societies, and so we should grant them their desire.

In this, they are exactly the same sort of criminally negligent delinquent idolaters as their moslem brethren, who claim allah is unknowable and so unknown, never to be reasoned with, not constrained by any principles of morality or science, pain incarnate who is only to be feared and obeyed, never loved nor communed with! i.e: “The allah made me do it! God told us to commit these crimes!”

Criminally negligent delinquency – Submitting to one’s fears should never be tolerated, much less sold to unsuspecting others as if Giving Up was some kind of a holy virtue!

Furthermore, liberalism IS Crime! It’s criminally-negligent delinquency; corruption!

Communism preposterously posits that “Property IS Theft!” Which really only ever means:

“You owe me because you bothered to earn stuff I didn’t! Whee!”

Both the media and education system have long since fallen to the communists.

Explaining the simple difference is this easy, yet (and so) they avoid teaching it!

Summing up the diametrically opposed contrast between basic capitalism (not finance, which is the corruption of selling money, nor corporate gangsterism) and communism:

Capitalism: Equality of Opportunity (live & let live; individual rights/no group rights;)


Communism: Equality of Outcome (might makes right; group rights/no individual rights)!

Why is this a crime? Because the false right not to fail is the theft of the ability to learn to succeed by one’s self.

And group-might-makes-right is simply: “the ends justify the means” extortion; aka CRIME.

“Progressives” pretend to believe that the ends justify the means, when in fact the means really only define the end results: If and when you choose to lie, murder and rob others “to get ahead,” then, in the end, you’re not a “great success” – you’re still really only a lying, murdering thief!



Liberalism has a sort of impatience with all kinds of rules, because it is based on the liberals’ not-so-secret fear that only might really makes right, and that if they don’t rush in first, then some other fools will surely beat them to it! Liberals are libertines who never liberated anyone; all they can ever do is take liberties! Their paranoia assumes no one else would ever obey the Golden Rule (to not attack first) EITHER!

To them, if something wasn’t very specifically forbidden, then they have a right to do it (to attack first, which of course only ever really defines them as predatory criminal aggressors, and those they attack as their innocent victims).

So they also then pretend the ends justify the means, when in reality, in fact the means really only define the end results: If and when you choose to lie, murder and rob others “to get ahead,” then, in the end, you’re not a “great success” – you’re still really only a lying, murdering thief!

Progressives only ever manage to “progress” from fear to greed; from the responsibility to become right, to the right to be remain irresponsibly ignorant!

Their “Ever-MOVING FORWARD!” credo indicates a fear of  facing and learning from past mistakes, dooming them to always repeat them as they indulge in their “eternal struggles for understanding!”
They want the right to remain wrong, to not have their feelings hurt; and the ‘right’ to resist being ‘offended’ by the necessity to have to learn from the often painful truth.

Both liberals and their moslem brethren believe that Giving Up is a holy virtue, and so Submit to their own fears of pains, rather than investigate the mistakes and problems which cause those pains in the first place. So, having no hope for the future, they “seize the day” and party for today while maybe (hopefully have someone else) pay for it all tomorrow, if tomorrow ever comes!

Emocrats find it easier to sell victimology and blame others than to take personal self-reliant responsibility for them selves!

The corollory is that, assuming everyone else is similarly fickle and feckless, they must create oppresively endless micro-managing nannystate ‘positivist’ laws to impinge on everyone else’s freedoms, too. They seem to think “more laws = order!” when in reality, in general, no police are necessary among free citizens who can govern themselves, while the opposite is: no amount of police are enough for a people who CANNOT govern themselves.

So naturally their one response to their fear is an instinctive reaction to form larger groups!

In initiating their slanderous victim-blaming, always-attack-first strategy (pre-judging everyone else guilty until never proven innocent) liberals cannot use rationality, logic, nor reason, but have instead limited them selves to the use of the tactics of irrationality, illogic, and unreason:

Never having any facts which would ever agree with their perpetual irrationality, the left must instead always resort to the slanderous evasions known collectively as the critical thinking logical fallacies – the deflective ad-hominem personal attacks, the distractive strawman red-herrings, and of course the immoral relativist’s favorite, the tu quoque – i.e:

“islam isn’t evil because we all do it too! Whee!”

As if simply comparing many different categories of wrong, somehow made one of them into a right!

Isn’t it funny that people who actually have facts, rarely (if ever) seem to feel the need to indulge in fallacies?

Contrast all that with rational Conservatives, who DO have hope in faith in the future, and so will work to pay for tomorrow today!


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