The Usual Bothersome Questions

Golly gee whillikers, aren’t these acts illegal? In fact, don’t they represent an overt attempt to interfere with America’s most crucial political process? As in, over TWO CENTURIES of our nation’s almost unique and unprecedented ability to hand off the reins of power without serious bloodshed?

So here are some truly niggling questions:

Why hasn’t 0bama and his Justice Department publicly condemned this flagrant attack upon America’s most hallowed Democratic process?
Why haven’t various law enforcement bodies announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of “Anonymous”?

Why hasn’t Hillary Clinton openly denounced this obviously underhanded ploy to tilt the election in her favor?*

* Shouldn’t Hilliary be aghast at even the remote chance that her possible presidential win might be tainted by smears and allegations of election fraud just like GW Bush had to endure for the first four years of his presidency?

Finally, shouldn’t all of us expect that Donald Trump would be equally swift to vociferously decry such an attack if the tables were turned and this was happening to Hillary Clinton?

In fact, shouldn’t the American public, as a whole, be furious that anyone of any partisan stripe would stoop to this sort of blatant manipulation of a presidential election?

Where’s the outrage?

Where are the promises of arrest and prosecution? After all, hacking into a bank or airport will get you some serious jail time, right?

Where is the bipartisan unity against this vile assault upon America’s representative democracy?

Is this a final manifestation of the “win at any cost” mentality that has insidiously permeated our financial institutions and organized sports?
Isn’t it time for every last presidential candidate to loudly protest against this threat to America’s electoral process?

Why is it so difficult for prominent figures to defend Trump’s Constitutional right to say whatever offensive things he chooses to? After all, if what Trump says is so unpopular, then all it will do is ensure that he won’t be elected, right? So why is there such an almost unanimously tacit refusal to rally against this attack on the American way?

Please pardon me whilst I vomit.


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