Muslims: Ignore Paranoid Madman Muhammad

“Islamic theology” is completely insane.

Here it is:

In sharia, you’re not allowed to swear even BY allah, since of course allah’s will and nature are “unknown and unknowable!”

But we do know that allah is an idolater – he forced his angels and jinns to bow down to these tiny clay idols he had made and granted temporary and limited life to (i.e: us humans)! Only Iblis (his friend and psychiatrist, because allah is insane) said “No way am I gonna bow down to your stupid idols, allah!” So then allah said “Oh yeah? Well then, if you can’t convince enough of my stupid clay idols to bow down to even lesser, non-living clay idols, then I’m gonna throw you into the fire with them, too! Nyah!”

And that, my friend, sums up islamic “theology!” True story; one just can’t make up this sort of bizarre contradictory shiite!


“They’re all out to get me! In fact, “they” don’t even exist! It’s all one thing!”

“None of you really exist as separate beings! You are all only puppets of ‘God!'”

If Moe had the courage of his convictions, he wouldn’t even have tried to force “God” to admit that He was in fact, God (as the only one messing with Moe’s life) by trying to force the individual component parts of “God” (which God had also then deliberately designed and desired to pretend they were separate beings from him in the first place) to admit that they were faking it &/or weren’t real, by torturing and executing them for the “crime” of deceiving Moe! By doing so, Moe himself committed only pure shirk.

i.e: If (and since, obviously) “God” wanted to pretend He was separate people, who was Moe to run around trying to force Him – by harassing His parts – to admit that He wasn’t?!



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