Anarchists Are Communists, Not Libertarians

Just as Existentialism IS Nihilism, Anarchists ARE Communists.


Whether they like it or not, all people are individuals, not groups (of individuals). Many of them can (and do) lie, and endorse this pretense, because, as Brandon Smith noted, “their endgame … is conning the masses into believing that the group mind is real and that the individual mind is fiction.”

Yes, endorsing group rights is all about avoiding individual responsibility, and so they only commit this fraud to induce others to serve them as slaves.

Their posited “group Rights” is really only ever idolatry – an alibi of predestined, predetermined might-makes-right extortive force to excuse their lazy false claims of the right to remain irresponsibly wrong.

The common liberal trope stance today is that not having one’s feelings hurt, trumps risking being offended by the often-painful truth – as if all humans didn’t naturally first react in denial to all new ideas (see Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Aristotle, and others).

Since they do, it’s not the responsibility or right of any other human to short-circuit their natural learning process – of going from fear to hope – by retarding them or allowing them to retard them selves by indulging in their first instinctive response:

“But I don’t want to learn that!”

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the corrupt traitors in today’s so-called education system are abusing the children in their charge with, by dint of tempting kids with it:

“Remember, kids – there’s no wrong answers! Whee!”

Their next step is inevitably to assert it’s “unfair!” that other people learn to do things better than they can do them, and to then also insist those others be prevented from learning, too!

Next up, this idolatrous fear of others’ thinking and learning is extended and extrapolated to their acquiring goods and services, through dint of trading (scary) hard work for them:

“But I don’t want to do that!”

Thieves (extortive “communist” gangsters) like to pretend that, “since resources are finite,” then everything other people (aka “The Makers”) earn, we’re really only ‘stealing’ from THEIR (unearned) share! (We should all get equal shares in everything without working for/earning or otherwise paying for them – right?)!

Nor should any other people be allowed to increase their shares of goods throug dynamic “economics,” for instance by trading labour and services for them. “That would be bad,” because it creates “inequality.”

Everyone must remain at the lowest common denominator of both education and number of possessions.

There should be no individual property rights. That is the only way the idolaters GROUP can feel “safe.”

Do it for the good of the gang – sacrifice your life to be and remain part of the Greater Good. And all groups need a leader – so that would be ME, they presume, as all crime-gangsters do. Might makes right!

Lazy people (criminals such as them selves) who want rights without responsibilities, to remain irresponsibly wrong, and entitled to their shares without working for them, should be able to halt and reverse the economic choices of those who, like themselves, become “victims” by agreeing to trade their share of the finite resources to those who are willing to trade work for them. Theft is good, and so communism (gangster extortion and theft) is naturally formed from the puerile anarchists’ selfish desires.

There is no free-will choice, so those who agree to trade possessions for work, were really only taken advantage of by those sneaky evil greedy selfish “capitalists.” Those 1%ers should have to give it back.

In short, they presume that they are automatically entitled to a one in seven billionth equal share of everything anyone else mines, hunts, traps, or builds on earth – they’re entitled to one in seven billionth of my salary (as, unfortunately, am I) but since they don’t work, they’re ahead of the “game.”

They realize large groups of other people already exist, so they want in on that action – they want to encourage other lazy Takers to form into gangs to extort the Makers into giving them free stuff.

They want to destroy the collective insurance companies called “Governments” their parents built up with their blood, sweat, and treasure, to tear them down and then re-built them, but this time with them in charge.

They want to offload their responsibilities onto groups of other people, to dilute them via group rights and in order to sell their fraud to others, they inevitably, and invariably must resort to groupthink idolatry.

This is both how and why lying Anarchists (who exist to tear down others’ groups, aka government) are NOT Libertarians (who are the Makers, and as such, only want to literally mind their own businesses).

Libertarians are Conservatives without the need for the group religious excuses for their own hopes.

Anarchists are really only a bunch of whiny liberal bedwetting crybaby, criminally negligent infantile delinquents who resent living in their parents’ world, (and basements) really only asserting “I never asked to be born!”

They forget that existing Civilization was built up by individuals who built their own roads, owned their own properties, and then decided to band together to defer the maintenance to ever-larger groups of insurance company-like entities, which eventually became “government.”

Now all the land is taken, and these newborns don’t like following the rules built up by others over time and tradition, so they want to tear it all down and re-build what will only amount to being basically the exact same thing, but with THEM in charge this time!

Government, (best conceived of by Albert Einstein as the largest collectively-owned insurance company) is a great idea if and when it doesn’t compete with (much less pre-empt) private enterprise; it’s OK for the government to buy food to feed the poor, but not to demand that only it is qualified to regulate food growing everywhere, much less to restrict and deny private individuals from growing or stockpiling their own food. Same goes for defending every other need: government can defend the country, but not restrict the citizens’ rights to also own and bear their own arms to defend them selves; government can and should enhance private defense, but never replace it!

The false “group-might-made-rights” idol is gangster extortion, and as such, is often communicated by soft, self-correcting “political correctness.”

While the criminal Takers are always motivated to assert without need for proof: “I’m Better Than You!” the Makers are too busy lilterally minding their own businesses to work diligently to contradict and disabuse them of their extortiive fraudulent criminal slanders.

I doubt there will be a fight, because the Makers, by our very natures, CAN NOT RESIST EVIL MEN, simply because we’re trying to hope to collaborate to objectively solve universal problems, while the Takers – the PC (Psychopathic Criminal) negligent, delinquent libertine “liberals” are all focused on their fears, and obsessively “PMS“ing about it all the time – since they don’t believe in winning, they spend all their time trying to not-lose, to prove “I’m better than you!” all the time, by attacking innocent others first.

They are Paranoids (“They’re all out to get me!”) Masochists (“I’d better focus on my fears AS pain, lest I forget to defend myself, since hope is a trick!”) and Slanderers (“Since they’re all out to get me, I’d better get all of them, first!”).

Political correctness (i.e: factual incorrectness) is extortion – fraud and slander – in that it pretends a civil ‘probable’ test applies, based on group-might-made-rights scenarios, to all aspects of life: white males are always to be ‘legally’ and ‘defensively’ pre-judged as “guilty until never proven innocent,” for instance. It’s extortion, and extortion is always a crime!

What sane people call “the slippery slope,” liberals call “progress!”

Political correctness (slanderous victim-blaming factual incorrectness) is both fraud (crime) and extortion – pretending that, either you lie along with the majority, or you’ll be replaced with a better liar by that same majority; group might makes right! Exact same as communazism.

It extorts people to “Go Along” (with criminal lies) “To Get Along” (with criminal liars).

PC pretends one is responsible to other people for their (possibly mistaken) reactions to one’s new ideas, or to ideas which *might* offend them.

And the offense taken, is always subjective.

Since the deliberate use of PC implicitly slanders people AS being offensive, it attacks first, and therefore also inherently defends first-attackers (criminals).

PC implies one can and so should manage or avoid others’ inevitable reactions of denial (automatic ‘offense’) to one’s exchange of ideas, as if one somehow ‘should,’ even if one could, always try to defuse all of their normal psychologically procedural reaction stages (i.e: basic thinking) as summed up by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

Normal people WILL REACT to new ideas BY a well-established process of denial to acceptance, so it’s literally outrageous to posit that any one person is responsible for monitoring, or has a duty to actively prevent this common thought process occurring in others.

This thought, or “thesis” (previously “Theosis,” of “knowledge of God”) process, prioritizing focus on the ‘BAD’ (the anti-thesis) in order to avoid it and ultimately test a hypo-thesis, to prove it good (as the final “syn-thesis”) has been historically referred to as “Greek Logic” and called “Hegelian Dialectics,” before Kubler-Ross added her modern speculations to it, but it’s obviously nothing more than basic

So obviously, “Political Correctness” is only an extortion attempt at THOUGHT CONTROL, designed to shield criminals’ crimes, and to prevent everyone from thinking at all, beyond the most shallow and banal trivialities. It defines the willfully ignorant and irresponsible, criminally negligent “victimology” process.

It is to insist (as all authoritarian extortions do) that one must ALWAYS Submit one’s self to the greater (gang’s “might-makes-right”) good.

What is currently misconceived as ‘altruism’ and ‘Hegelian dialectics’ is really only a lie: a slanderous fraud designed to induce perpetual guilt in the victim, by way of the same, ages-old “carrot-and-stick,” fear-and-greed behavioural conditioning binary.

It’s proponents sadistically advocate for perpetual, self-sacrificing masochism in others, demanding they pacifistically agree with the predatory criminal aggressor’s militaristic notion that they have no right to self-defense, nor even to think about planning for it.

To them, if their victims even THINK about planning to defend them selves, it’s “slandering” the criminals AS the aggressors, (which they in fact already ARE, just by dint of their PC extortion-attempts).

Bottom line: criminals hate other people (potential victims and/or potential opponents) thinking about their crimes, just as they hate the admitting to them selves of being criminals.

And hating thinking has always had a perfectly valid label: “Psycho-Path” (literal translation: “Thought-Killer”).


Like I said:

“PC” (Psychotic Criminal) “Liberals” are all about the “PMS” (Paranoid Masochistic Slander).

The general paranoia looks to the past, the masochism to the present, and the slander addresses the future.

Armoured and armed with such emotive generalities, criminal psychopaths have no need to think of any specifics.



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2 Responses to Anarchists Are Communists, Not Libertarians

  1. vladdi says:

    This pretty-much proves my above thesis:

    And I think I can dummy this down and make it a lot shorter and sweeter, (HT to Amy,) but I only came up with these ideas recently while arguing with those bedwetting crybaby liberal-like “Libertarian anarchists/capitalists” over at Christopher Cantwell’s site.

    It occurred to me there that when they all hate “The State,” they are also hating the property-rights and free-will choices of everyone (like, their own parents) who had in the past DECIDED to set up “The State” (gov’t.) as the largest, collectively-owned insurance company, and that they were idolatrously blaming “The State” (i.e: any and all ‘government’ insurance arrangements) for the crimes of the individual human criminals currently running it, as if the very existence of a large insurance-company-like organization was a bad thing. So they not only hate other people’s free-will property rights, but also their rights of association.

    Like liberals (and all other criminals) they were focused on blaming the tool, (“The State”) but not the criminal people wielding it!

    And, like all criminal gangster communazis everywhere, their “solution” seems to be to violently control everyone else’s choices.


    Seems this sort of thing is being pondered by others too:

    More comments here:

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