“CommieCore” Slanders Children!

I was just reading an article about “Commie Core” here:


These paranoid “liberals” (criminals) always prejudicially pre-judge and slander everyone else as being Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent.

Morality is very simple, and most if not all small children already instinctively inherently know it as the “But Mom! They Started It!” Rule.

But we all know nannystate kindergarten-teacher types are criminals who pretend to believe – and indoctrinate – kids in the exact opposite, immorally-relativist and victim-blaming opposite, causing untold emotional psychological and mental stress on the kids in their charge, as they torture them with liberal (criminal) nonsense: Being self-serving autocrats, they assert “ALL attacks are equally bad, whether initiated first by aggressive bullies, or second, in defensive counter-attacks by the victims!”

In other words they always “Just want it all to stop!”

But this only encourages the bullies, by splitting the blame between them and their victims! The ‘teachers’ hope in this way to appease and co-opt the bullies into attacking less, as a favor to themselves, but of course it never works out that way.

And it discourages the bullied victims, forcing them to Submit to liberal statism, where the notion that they have no right to defend them selves is forced on them, and they are tortured with the idea that they are and will always remain helpless victims, who must always go running off to seek the help of a parental figure, so that once they become adults (in body, but never in mind) they become dependent on the State and authoritarian governments everywhere, little socialist drones.

The modern liberal “Education System” not only no longer teaches kids how to think, or even what to think, but only how not to think at all – how to remain entitled to being irresponsibly wrong.

Modern “education” only “teaches” (abuses kids with) liberal corruption – they inflict their own infantile delinquency and criminal negligence by offering them alibi-excuses to NOT have to think for them selves:

“Life is too complex for us helpless fallible and so, potentially dangerous mistakes to ever understand cause and effect, so, “since” all facts are therefore really only opinions anyway, our subjective, entirely fact-free opinions are the diversely opposite equals to those silly Conservatives’ objective facts! Whee! And remember, kids: There’s No Wrong Answers!”

To pretend there is no evil crime, and no evil criminals because everyone’s really only a helpless victim, they pretend to a predetermined inevitability excuse: Marxist historical determinism, that people are all helpless victims of society, mere products of their environments, and slaves of allah.

And of course their inevitability alibi involves unavoidable mob-rule extortion, for which idolatrous group rights serve them well:

Ever try arguing with a liberal? It’s pointless trying to use facts to educate people who have been taught that the truth doesn’t exist!

They’ve really only declared a confession of non-compus-mentis!

And their favorite deflection is the childish critical thinking logical fallacy called the Argumentum Tu Quoque, which only amounts to trying to compare two unrelated wrongs in order to pretend to make one of them into a right:

“There’s no evil crime or criminals because we (i.e: you) all do it, too! Whee!”

Beyond that, their crime is all about the objectification: victim-blaming “defensively pre-emptive” slander.

They embrace the slanderous philosophy that the best “defense” is a good offense, to keep their opponents on the defensive so they will remain emotionally off-balance and so never be able to (counter-)attack ‘first!’

Only lying thieves (fraud being the most basic form of theft, the theft of the Truth) slanderously pretend their victims are too dumb to be educated!

The “elites” – including the “education” elites – are cowardly masochists who always want to form ever-larger gangs to protect them selves; they are all about the double-standards of subjectivism, and so oppose universal objectivity; they want rights without responsibilities, and so must offload their responsibilities onto their victims.

The reason they embrace might-made group “rights,” is both offensive and defensive: they can always assert they are “defensively protecting” others if and when they can make even a tenuous connection between some others at least somewhat similar to them selves who, somewhere else, at some other time, were oppressed by some other people who were sort of like YOU; in which case, YOU OWE THEM!

The corollary is that if and when they get caught for their crimes, they can always use the group idol as an alibi-excuse to dilute their own culpability:

“I didn’t do it! ONLY the GROUP did it! Whee!”

(Substitute “The System,” &/or “The Procedures” or your choice of idolatry for “The Group!”)

I’m pretty sure the main strategy AND subsequent tactics of liberals is to always generalize to dilute personal responsibility. It’s why they endorse group rights and responsibilities and absolutely hate factual cause-and-effect specifics. Generalizations are lies and exaggerations used to hide all the specific details of their individual criminal culpability. And they also get to blame specific victims for general group membership responsibilities, too!

They are criminals.


By abusing kids with the silly notion that they’re entitled to not be “offended” or have their “feelings hurt” by the often painful truth of new ideas, these crooks are short-circuiting the most basic thinking and learning process itself – because in humans, all new ideas are initially met with rejection (as has been known since at least Aristotle to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross these days)!

Liberals prefer to “rationalize” their crimes – to look backwards to pretend to think their crimes weren’t really crimes at all, but only moral reactions to others’ crimes against themselves – as all criminals always do. At most, they prefer to pretend that there are no real crimes or criminals, because “we (i.e: you) all do it, too!” This argumentum tu quoque critical thinking logical fallacy is the basis for their endless immoral relativism (victim-blaming slander) stance. Everything they do is designed to promote criminals as victims and perversion as just retaliation.

And worse – beyond these basics, Liberalism is sedition. They teach each other in the colleges the lie that “nations” and “nationalism” causes all wars, so, to eliminate these evil restrictive borders which cause jealousy and greed, all they have to do now is to eliminate all sovereign nations and countries (which were invented by evil white racists during the Enlightenment, just to apartheid and oppress all the peaceful swarthy noble collectivist tribal savages) in order for there to finally be “peace!”

But, “strangely” enough, as far as I know, sedition is still illegal. Hmm!


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