Recently, a (liberal, progressive) “Institute of Higher Learning” decided to effectively end a student’s career because he reminded a rape victim of her attacker. You just can’t make this sort of thing up!


Liberals are backwards idolaters and simpletons – they “think:”

“Hey – to eliminate rape, just ban people who look like rapists!”

Just like they say “To eliminate racism, just blend all the races together (but really only the white one, because only whites are racists!”) And let’s not forget their dumb idea that “Nations” were created (by whites) during the Enlightenment, and somehow (due to jealousy over other people’s territory) they “cause” wars, so to eliminate war, just just blend all the nations together into one global union, no borders, because then people won’t have any “territory” to fight over any more!

And of course, since only the whites invented borders and the concept of ownership and (improving) personal property (which “causes” greed) we must import tons of noble tribal collectivist savages who believe in group ownership and no personal dignity whatsoever, because then, with lots more muslims to help us out, THERE WILL FINALLY BE PEACE!

“Progressives” refuse to understand that there is no such thing as “crime PREVENTION.”

That would mean “defensively, pre-emptively” (and so, pre-judicially) slanderously pre-judging everyone as Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent, and arresting people for crimes they had not yet committed.

But then, that’s what “progressive” means – incrementally being a self-defeating criminal MASOCHIST: attacking everyone else first, “Before they can ‘inevitably’ attack US first!”

Another recent example, is Obama’s latest gun (people) control attempt, at banning guns by banning the ammunition.

Know how many cops have been killed by the “armor-piercing” ammo he’s trying to ban?


And the whole “Education System” encourages this literally pre-posterous lunacy! Abusing students with the notion that they have the false right to not be “offended” by having their “feelings hurt” by the often-painful truth, that “Generation Entitlement” is somehow entitled to the right to remain irresponsibly wrong, in stead of having the responsibility to become right (as in, factually correct) is a CRIME.

Because as everyone from ancient Greek Logicians to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross has noted, denial of new ideas is only the natural FIRST step in the learning process; to let kids stop at “I don’t want to learn!” is doing the exact opposite of fulfilling these educators oaths to encourage learning in their charges, as is of course represented by their “Remember kids, there’s no wrong answers!” motto.


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