Racist liberal legal system covers for muslim, reduces his prosecution

Crown Prosecutor reduces Ottawa muslim’s original two counts of attempted murder to aggravated assaults, tries to ban his name by slanderously pretending Canadian whites would “re-victimize” his own family victims.

 Typical liberal racism: “Oh, the Poor Swarthy Animals! They Just Can’t Help Being at the Mercy of their Animal Instincts, Always Reacting Violently to Oppression! So We Whites Should Stop Picking On Them!”

Trying to hide the perp’s (obviously muslim) name, while slanderously pretending it’s to “protect his family from re-victimization” (HOW?! By random white people pointing and laughing at them on the streets of Ottawa?!)

And reducing his crimes from attempted murder to aggravated assault, as if they NEEDED that plea bargain to gain his comfession to prove his guilt, because there weren’t enough credible witnesses otherwise (I guess the prosecutor agreed to Submit to sharia, where women’s testimony is only worth half a man’s, at best!)?

From today’s (Tuesday, December 52nd, 2014) leftarded Ottawa Citizen newspaper; p.#A3:

Dad admits knife attack on  his wife, daughter

By Gary Dimmock

The Ottawa real estate agent who attacked his daughter and wife with a butcher knife in May did so seconds after he saw an online photograph of his eldest daughter posing with a man she knew from her university Glee club.

The strict father had forbidden his children to have any presence on the Internet and was so controlling that he monitored their mobile phones, computers and bank accounts. He didn’t allow his three children — aged 16 to 20 — to date anyone or post online photos of themselves, let alone have a Facebook account.

The father, who cries himself to sleep most nights at the Innes Road jail, pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of aggravated assault in a plea bargain with the Crown that spared him prosecution on the more severe charges of attempted murder.

Court heard that right after he saw his eldest daughter’s picture on the Internet, he went to the kitchen and returned with a butcher knife.

May 3, 2014, was a big day for their family. His wife and daughter had just returned from his daughter’s new apartment. The father had never agreed that his eldest daughter, 20, could move out. And when she said her father no longer controlled her life, he said that in fact he did and slapped her across the face.

He then grabbed a butcher knife from the kitchen and slashed his daughter in the shoulder. When she tried to grab it to stop the attack, her right pinky finger was severed and her ring finger partially severed.

When the attacker’s wife yelled for her daughter to call 911, drawing her husband’s attention, the man pushed his wife and slashed her. His wife suffered severe defensive wounds to both hands and her skull.

Ottawa police officers found the daughter’s severed finger and packed it in ice

Their daughter ran to the mud room, barricaded herself and called 911. Her mother fled to the basement and tried to call 911. Both then ran from their house and hid in a nearby ditch, then ran to their neighbour’s house for help. The neighbours tried to stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived.

When the Ottawa police arrived, they shouted for the real estate agent to open the front door. He did so, then crawled out to the front porch where he was arrested.

Ottawa police officers found the daughter’s severed finger and packed it in ice. The mother and daughter underwent lengthy surgeries and the daughter’s finger was re-attached.

The Crown prosecutor in the case requested and was granted a ban on publishing the names of the accused and his family so the victims wouldn’t be “re-victimized”.

He told court that although media reports at the time described the attacks as a family “honour crime”, nothing in the case file supports that theory.

No date has been scheduled for sentencing and the father remains in custody.


Original news release at the time, from here:

Ottawa-area realtor accused of trying to murder his wife and daughter

  • Updated 12:48 pm, May 5th, 2014
  • 5:19 pm, May 4th, 2014
Ottawa-area realtor accused of trying to murder his wife and daughter

Ottawa cops searched this upscale west-end home Sunday, May 4, 2014 after a woman and her daughter were attacked by a man with a butcher knife. The man is in custody and the girl’s finger had to be re-attached at hospital Saturday night


OTTAWA – A realtor accused of cutting off his daughter’s finger and stabbing his wife was charged with two counts of attempted murder Monday.

Labib Khawas, 55, will remain behind bars for at least the next three days so police can conduct “further investigation.”

The attack occurred Sunday at the family home near Ashton, southwest of Ottawa.

Khawas, a balding real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, said little during his brief court appearance Monday.

He was ordered not to communicate with his daughter, his son or his wife, who is a vice-principal at a Kanata elementary school.

His wife suffered serious stab wounds, including a cut to the back of her neck. His daughter’s finger was severed and another one was almost cut off as well.

The severed finger was reattached, but it remains to be seen if the operation will prove successful.

With files from Doug Hempstead


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