Dracula Untold Irks Turks

I saw the movie, and it was awesome, because it asserts self-defense is allowed vs. islam (!)

(I know, I know – totally out of character for racist masochistic liberal Hollywood, right?)!

Anyway, I wasn’t going to review it, or reply to the slanderous lies presented by the Turks about it, [in the New Statesman (and reprinted in the New Republic), where Turkish writer Elest Ali asks the burning cinematic question, “Is Dracula Untold an Islamophobic movie?”] until others decided to take her down first, (here).

“Let’ em continue to stew in their own prideful holier-than-thou lies and ignorant slander,” I said to my self: that alone is all the punishment they need.

Why educate the enemy?

But since then, others (and my own damned ego LOL!) have prompted me to revise that initial stance, so here goes after all:

The Turk’s review of the recently-released “Dracula Untold” movie is (of course) …

Nothing but pathetic lies.

The Turkish “reviewer” made so many historical errors it’s hard to know where to start.

She says Dracula was of the line of the “Draculesti,” whatever that is. WRONG.

Dracula’s surname was BASARAB. The family ruled nearby Bessarabia, and the progenitor was Voda Negru (the Black Prince) aka Basarab the Old. Their symbol was BAAL ( the pagan’s horned moon-bull god) but NOT ALLAH! ‘Basara’ is an ancient Arabic word which means “stern-faced biter” (how prophetic LOL)! Chances are, they were originally ARABS; hardly “racists” when it comes to islam (although they may have been righteously indignant about Arabia being violently conquered and enslaved by the bandit-king Muhammad and his goons)!

His own middle name was Dragulya, which means “beloved one” and his nickname (which he gleefully adopted and even used in signing offical correspondence,) was of course Dracula. His father (whom he despised) had been given the honorific “Dracul” when inducted into the Ordo Draconis when Vlad was born in 1431.

Anyway, let’s start off with noting how the Turkish movie critic completely avoids the main motivating issue of contention in the movie: the “Devshirme” culling (kidnapping) of indigenous children to satisfy the Sultan’s perverse desires, and to be brainwashed and used later as janissary shock troops against their own brethren.

Dracula strenuously objected to the practice, which was first introduced around the time of his birth (the Turks had first invaded Wallachia only ten years before that)!

That’s the main plotline for the movie, and yet she’s avoided it completely, probably because, as a “TRUE STORY,” it makes her own Turkish people look like the evil ISIS-like swine they’ve always been, and, it increasingly seems, still are!

And the rest of the review is nothing but fact-free, speculative opinion presented as fact – in other words, pathetic lies to deflect from Turkish guilt; i.e:


“Vlad Dracul II of the house of Draculesti sought support from the Ottoman Sultan in his claim to the Wallachian throne. To put him on it, the Ottomans waged war with Dracul’s enemies. In return, Dracul willingly offered them not one, but two of his sons: Vlad Tepes Dracula and Radu cel Frumos – aka Radu the handsome. While Vlad Tepes went on to become the progenitor of the vampire myth, his brother would remain loyal to the Sultan, and his childhood friend, Mehmet II.”


Vlad Dracul didn’t “seek support” from the muslims, he was already on the Wallachian throne, and was supported by the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Sigismund, and by the king of Hungary, Matthew Corvinus!

In fact, the situation was the exact opposite: he was extorted into giving up his sons as hostages to the Turks BECAUSE they suspected he would attack them in a Crusade if they didn’t force him to do so!

Besides, Vlad wasn’t known as “Vlad Tepes” until AFTER he’d learned impaling – FROM THE TURKS!

In addition, Radu wasn’t Mehmet II’s “childhood friend” because the sultan was a grown man when the Basarab child-hostages were rendered unto him – in stead, Radu was only an innocent 8-year-old child when Mehmet first RAPED him, and gave him syphilis (which they both eventually later died from)!!!!

The Turkish muslim author of this insipid article then states:

“The film’s generous use of the word “Turk” was interesting. To call an Ottoman a Turk is like calling a Roman an Italian. True, the Ottoman sultans were of Turkic origin. But the empire was much too big, much too ethnically diverse to be called Turkish.”

LIAR!!!! Just look at a map!

Apart from the fact that “Turks had a Turkic origin” OUTSIDE of what was then, as now, known as “Turkey,” the nomadic barbarian tribes of same had all violently invaded Greek THRACE and Tarsus and ANATOLIA before the conqerors re-named it to “Turkey!”

Turkey ITSELF abuts Romania at Bulgaria, and Turkish ships can easily get straight to Romania directly from TURKEY itself, not from some varied and diverse part of the allegedly multi-ethnic-and-cultural empire!

And of course all empires can claim to be multi-ethnic, but MOST if not all of them cannot validly claim to have expanded to have become so through means of “peaceful tolerance!”

In fact, even the multi-ethnic and multi-religious Roman empire consisted of multiple countries which had all been first violently invaded and enslaved by Rome’s own pagan emperors.

And it’s only an historical aside that all of later Christendom itself was peacefully converted when all the provincial Roman heads of state decided to go along with emperor Constantine’s own conversion, in order to continue to curry favor with his regime!

However, contrast pagan Rome’s tolerance of other religions with islam’s intolerance.

And Judeo-Christian tenets have no world-conquest mandate, unlike islam’s official one.

Anyway, I saw the film a few weeks ago, here in Ottawa.

The Turks were clearly depicted AS muslims, displaying their crescent-moon banners.

And it was awesome: the theatre was packed, and everyone was cheering loudly for Vlad and hating the Turks (muslims) and there was not a muslim to be seen in the audience!!!

And, (apart from the vampire stuff,) the only obvious historical inaccuracies were:

a) that Dracula had no army when the Turks came calling, and
b) that the Turks shot holes in Dracula’s castle with cannons.

In reality, it was Dracula who first brought Chinese gunpowder, rifles and cannons to Europe, to blow the shit out of the (very surprised) backwards barbarian Turks LOL!

Another historical inaccuracy in the movie was where Dracula slew Mehmed II; in reality, he ran away from his ignoble defeats in Transilvania and Wallachia, to have better luck elsewhere – an inaccuracy I’d be surprised the Turkish reviewer missed, has she not also demonstrated such complete bias and total ignorance of history in the rest of her article!

It was Vlad’s successful defense of his native lands which caused the eventual conquest of unfortunate Contstantinople, because once the Sultan had been evicted from Wallachia and Transilvania, his own men had demanded a victory – ANY victory! – from him, or else he would be EATEN by them. So, in suicidally reckless despair, he had then decided to kill himself in a “glorious” attempt to do the impossible: to take the impregnable holy city.

His unexpected audacity caught the Greek defenders there completely off guard (for who but a suicidally desperate madman would ever have even dreamed of trying such a thing?!) and so almost by accident, he succeeded. Then, however, Wallachia and Transilvania only remained muslim-free for another few years, until the almost-inevitable masochistic liberal treason of the sell-out boyars (the corrupt, upper-class of liberals of their day) enabled its downfall; but the rest of Eastern Europe wasn’t so fortunate in their leadership.

Dracula alone had stemmed the tide of the Ottoman advance at the time; without him, it’s probable that North America would never have been discovered, as Christopher Columbus would have been left to his own devices, speaking Arabic in remote “Andalusian” mosques!


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14 Responses to Dracula Untold Irks Turks

  1. dajjal says:

    Thanks, Unk. Well done. Perhaps Devshirme & Jannisaries should have their own posts.

  2. Adaptus Astartes says:

    Well, nice article but without references. It would be better if you’d have shown to your historical claims.

  3. forresttales says:

    Yes, people are still reading this, and for obvious reasons – just Google youtube/islam/europe. The historical claims herein are worth further exploration, as it is that this brief segment of history is repeated as a microcosm of our present day. …the spread of Islam and it’s subversive war on all fronts – the waves of Moslem immigrants (not surprisingly, mostly male, and funded for travel), the political pandering, the aggressive sexual conquest, the inner-city thugs and violence – the slow, methodical corrosion of a secular and scientifically awakened civilization for which we have struggled so hard, the deplorable betrayal of liberal politicians enabling and facilitating it, the hopelessness and helplessness felt while watching it all unfold. The spirit of this article is well taken. Refreshing!…like the movie. I am in Ukraine. And animosity against the Turk swine, albeit Islam in general, is mounting…all across Europe. Our neighbour, Romania, since August 2015, is faced with the construction of a grand, new mosque in Bucharest, financed, of course by Turkey. Needless to say, the name Dracula is being chanted openly once again by patriotic Romanians and everyone else even vaguely familiar with the history and/or legend of Vlad and who still cherish freedom. Yes, it is downright discouraging that the vampire myth is just myth. There are plenty of us who’d follow his banner, again.

    • vladdi says:

      And people wondered why Vlad “murdered so many of “his own” Citizens!” Here’s a hint: They were the treasonous ‘liberals’ of his day! Good thing that, although vampirism is slander, immortality is not.


    • dajjal says:

      Vampirism is real: its called Islam. While the supernatural aspects are mythical, Islam recruits by the edge of the sword and the age old threat: “Convert or die.” Recruits are subsequently compelled to recruit others by force.
      One Muslim drank Moe’s blood and was advised that drinking it preserved him from the fire. The story is told in “ash-Shifa” .

      Islamic State vampires boast of plans to drink our blood and have been known to bite the heads off snakes and rabbits. Falestinian vampires have been known to eat human organs, afterwards displaying bloody hands and faces.

      The stake, khazoukh and holy water availeth nought against those vampires. Nukes are required. Untile the leaders of Dar ul-Harb wise up and grow spines, let us continue to fight the war on the ideological plane.

  4. dajjal says:

    You must wait until resurrection day to see if it works 😉

    • vladdi says:

      Immortality exists because nothing is truly static. However, even the illusion of stasis serves the same purpose: At the atomic and molecular levels, ALL matter is formed into crystalline matrices, right? Thus even air and water molecules are tiny crystals; thus we are all LITERALLY part of an infinite mirror; reflecting everything else exactly; we are literally made (with-)in the IMAGE “of God!” Reflect on this; use your image-in-ation!
      Beyond that, there will be no “Resurrection Day of Judgment!” (Sorry, Moe!) because
      there is no pain and fear-free Heaven: it’s literally impossible to consciously experience.

      • dajjal says:

        One old guy said “when I’m dead and in my grave, no more pussy will I crave. Millions of drinks went down my throat; I’ve had my fill and I’m not shittin. And on my tombstone I want it wrote: strranger passing by where I lie, piss on me, I’m always dry.” It was on his business card, labeled “My Last Will”.

        Another said : “First I was’nt, now I am, then I ain’t.” I have met two men who were declared dead and woke up in the morgue. One is a crazy queer, the other is in prison for dealing Heroin.

        For immortality to be of any benefit to an iddividual, it must involve restoration and continuance of memory and consciousness. Christians believe that God can do that, and did i once. If we are wrong, we will never know it.

        Muslims believe that they are alive in their graves, awaiting resurrection day and being shown their final destination. Those going to Jhannam are suffering the torments of the grave mentioned in Mishkat Ul-Misabih Vol. 1.

        They believe that some will go to Hell and remain there, others will be pulled out, replaced by Jews and Christians. They believe that Shahid will go directly to Jannah for perpetual f’ing.

        If they are wrong and we are right, they are in for a big and unpleasant surprise. If we are both wrong, it won’t make any difference, but they will have done great evil in pursuit of their false hope of cherry popping.

      • unclevladdi says:

        Yes indeed. I’m pretty sure that the ‘after’ life is the same as this one, in that there’s no segregation of the good and the bad, no heaven or hell – everyone’s there, in the same place! So we have to work now to educate enough people to change the demographics there from superstitious libtards to sane people, and out-vote them there too!

        Besides, even here on earth, every year a new crop of indoctrinated but voting-age retards like “SvenTheDolt” are produced by the corporazi-backed “institutes of higher learning” – “taught,” not to collaboratively help solve the world’s problems, but only endless excuses to not have to think at all!

        Exactly like islam: In asserting that “There are no facts – only diverse opinions!” and “People are too complicated to ever be understood or judged, and life is too complex to understand” (i.e: we’re all really only helpless victims of the incomprehensible universe) liberals are as self-retarding as their muslim brethren who insist that “Allah is both unknown and unknowable, and we are proud to be the unknowing slaves of the unknown!” this pre-emptively defensive, static idolatry position denies in advance any and all collaborative problem-solving symbiosis. It’s victim-blaming truth-theft and fraudulent slander, and of course only an alibi to excuse their false and criminal “right” to remain irresponsibly wrong!

      • dajjal says:

        Hafta out breed and out vote them, then get permanent control of acadanmia and media.

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