Muslims shoot up Canadian Parliament, RCMP only fears possible “backlash” against perps!

Details at Pamela Geller:

VIDEO of GUN BATTLE WITH ATTACKERS: Military bases shut down across Canada in wake of attack on Parliament

LIVE UPDATES War in Canada: Multiple Attacks, Multiple Gunmen in Islamic State Garb

(Almost) needless to say, the scum pretending to be “in charge” of us are busy in lockdown denial mode, pandering to muslims and slandering those who of us who would warn the innocent about them!

I live in Ottawa. You guys have of idea of the lengths these cowardly masochistic “officials” here will go to to appease and pander to Islam, while slandering civilians.

When I tried to warn my local MPP’s office that this sort of thing was on its way, and get some basic legal protection for myself to be able to warn others, the Liberal government in Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General stooges referred me to the Chief of the Ottawa Police Intelligence Division, a useless chucklehead himself, who chortled at me about “Islam?! Muslims?! What’s that – never heard of them! That’s for the ‘Terrorism Boys!’ – not ME!”

I pointed out that, nevertheless, “terrorism” is really only the crime of “extortion!”

Then he said I “might be a hatefully racist bigot” for simply attempting to inform him about a dangerous international crime-gang, and refused to consider my request.

So he had first more or less admitted that he knew that “islam/muslim” = “terrorist,” but then implicitly abdicated his office, abandoned his duty to protect and defend civilians from criminals, and went instantly into full dereliction of duty mode, while acting like a criminally negligent infantile delinquent. Oh, and he put me on speakerphone while making “he’s crazy!” gestures to other officers who were listening in., according to his own notes (which I later obtained on Appeal). What a clown.

I admitted that, Yes, I DID indeed hate crime and the criminals who commit them, and wondered why he – a Police chief – DIDN’T.

That made him uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable enough to do anything.

Neither did my quoting the facts and statistics proving islam had murdered more innocent people since its creation, than ALL other human creeds (both secular AND religious) in the entire world!

Meanwhile, as it rturned out, the MAG had decided to pre-emptively sacrifice the safety of my self, family, and neighbours, merely in order to preserve their own pensions and reputations from any potential cries of “racism!” by slandering me.

And all of these facts were proven when I managed to obtain their own notes on the case from a FOI request and subsequent appeal through the Ontario Privacy Commissioner’s Office.

In short, the Liberal stooges appointed to run both the MAG and Ottawa Police are an utter disgrace when it comes to fulfilling their oaths to protect the public from these threats. When – not if – the next attack comes, they’ll still be busy slandering & pandering!

More updates, from here:

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Canadian Muslims Fear ‘Backlash’ Over Attacks On Soldiers…

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One Response to Muslims shoot up Canadian Parliament, RCMP only fears possible “backlash” against perps!

  1. vladdi says:

    It is the not-so-secret duty of the authorities and enemedia to scold us for being hateful racist bigots all the time, so their slander can keep us off-balance and on the defensive, thus not giving us enough time to see what they’re really all up to – which is selling us all out for only their own personal gains, by selling our countries off to our enemies, by buying their money, running their tabs in our names.

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