When the news first broke, most if not all Americans were sympathetic to “reporter” James Foley, and gave him the doubt benefit:



But it turns out that recently-beheaded “reporter” James Foley was a typical MSM liberal cowardly masochist and delusive criminally negligent muslim-loving racist who hated the West after all:

We have to remember: ALL the MSM presstitutes ARE our enemies. The friend of my enemy is my enemy; when they choose to ignore and cover up the islamic crime-gang, they are criminally negligent traitors, whose lies (fraud is a crime) deliberately endanger us all for their own gain.


Presstitutes have no souls. Because today’s “journalists” are all corporate drones, who get given their stories by their editors and publishers, on a day-by-day basis; there is no individual initiative room for any of them to follow up on any stories!

They are all empty vessels, nothing more than actors given their lines by their owners.

They have no opportunity nor desire to learn any basic principles beyond keeping their jobs and padding their pensions, no loyalty to the country or citizens at all!

The MSM are all traitorous self-serving cowards. The reason they used to shoot cowards in wartime (unlike today, where they promote them) was because, being masochists, most cowards are also traitors. Masochists cause their own imagined worst-case scenarios all the time, in order to maintain an illusion of “control” over them.

So, while a very FEW sites, like this one, PersonalLiberty, WND, ConservativeBytes, and a FEW others, do somehow manage to exist on the Internet, ALL the “official” ones, including Fox (which has major Saudi stockholders) which have global television presences, are traitors.

Idolatrous Americans were aghast at his (presumably coerced) pre-execution, openly anti-Western denunciations, but, as it turns out, even if he hadn’t been kidnapped and threatened, he’d probably have made those exact same, anti-American and Western-civilization-hating comments of his own free will anyway.

Many people still support these liars, these presstitutes, who try to sell our children their lies, their false “narratives” that “islam is a Great Religion Of Peace!” all the time, while excusing, covering up and ignoring all the muslim’s many rape murder arson kidnapping ransoming slavery crimes!

They even made up excuses for Foley’s “homegrown” murderer.

“But he enjoyed the full range of “Western” (rap) “culture!” He ate fish and chips, and went to soccer games!


Foley killed by a “moderate” British muslim rapper:

There are no moderate muslims, simply because there is no moderate islam. There is only one Qur’an, one islam.

The only way anyone having the misfortune to be born into the crime-cult has, to be seen in a positive light, is to risk being murdered by the others (as the others are commanded to do to them, in Sura 4:89) and LEAVE ISLAM. Period.

After all, without “nazis,” there would have been no ‘national socialism,’ and without “muslims,” there will be no ‘islam!’

One cannot be against completely criminal islam, and still pretend to like individual “muslims,” any more than one could be against national socialism, and still pretend to have “good nazi” friends!


James Foley wasn’t innocently mistaken – he was a prejudiced racist bigot who got his just deserts!


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  1. that’s good to know…

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