Are They Going After Your ‘Safety’ Deposit Box?

My last two posts were about how government is rescinding (“nationalizing”) our property privileges (“rights”) with an eye towards confiscating it all to pay off the massive entitlement debts they’ve been running up for their globalist corporazi sales-master friends in the names of ourselves and our children. The trend continues as their totalitarian conformity, globalized world communism (total criminal extortion) end-game approaches:

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Are They Going After Your ‘Safety’ Deposit Box?

February 12, 2014 by

Are They Going After Your ‘Safety’ Deposit Box?

Cash money now in a “safety” deposit box or anywhere is presumed to be illegal. This is the excuse to seize it, saying it is your burden to prove that you paid taxes on it, that it is not illegal proceeds from drugs or that it is not laundered money.

One bank writes to a customer, “Lessee acknowledges that the safe deposit box is not intended to store without limitations, such things as domestic or foreign currency whether in paper, coin, or other form.”

Why, in the last days of a regime, do governments come so hard after your cash or other assets? Why don’t they just print the paper money?

The answer is that if the government can take from the people, it will have to print less money, thereby extending the life of the system. The government desires, above all, to extend its socialist system. The more paper money that it prints, the shorter the time to the end of the system; because paper money is the rot of the country. The more paper money, the faster the collapse: So confiscation becomes the modus operandi of a dying system. Pension funds are in the political crosshair now.

It isn’t much fun to look forward to impoverishment by the state. Only those who leave the United States will be able to keep a part of their wealth after all the exit taxes. In the 1930s, not many people left Nazi Germany. Most people thought things would get better. They were wrong, much to their sorrow. In time, it was too late to leave. Very few people ever come to the realization that government, with its politicians and its bureaucrats, is organized crime.

Most politicians are members of a secret society, and they hold hands under the table. A large number of politicians belong to a death cult inspired by Satan. They will do anything for themselves against the people they are supposed to represent. Make a pact with the devil, and the price may be too high.


Your money is your property; greenbacks are IOU receipts, but since they’re all uniform and generic in nature, possession of them should be all that counts – especially since the Golden Rule of law, upon which all other laws depend, is most simply put as Do Not Attack First – which means even the largest group, the state, has no right to slanderously (without proof) attack any of its individual human citizen component parts first, i.e: it’s why we are all to be presumed Innocent Until Proven Guilty, and not – as victim-blaming group-might-makes-right criminals (liberals, muslims) would have it, “Guilty Until Never Proven Innocent,” which, in reversing the onus of proof, requires us to onerously try to ‘prove a negative,’ which is almost impossible:

Say I assert that you owe me $100. and I don’t have to prove it (I don’t have to show any contract you signed, call any witnesses, or even say when or how you owe me the money) the onus is on you to find some way/s to somehow prove you don’t owe me the money; in this scenario, you are pre-judged as guilty until never proven innocent.

See how that works?

Making such accusations without proof is to assert one’s fact-free opinion is, in fact, a fact – which means you (in this case, the state) is committing fraud or perjury, and fraud against the person is known as the CRIME of slander, libel, &/or ‘defamation.’

Under communism, you have no property rights to own or defend anything – even your life.


Old Wolf

In essence, at this point, everything we own is property of the government, in their opinion. They can seize by asset forfeiture everything, including your person, and use it as they see fit.
Rather than being the owners of the government we have created, we have become its serfs, held down in debt-bondage to a debt that we ourselves did not create. Our lands, our citizenship itself, designed as a bond against the government powers, has been seized by that government and turned into bonds against us.
We cannot simultaneously be those who create government, and its slaves. We can be one or the other, and if the government asserts the powers of ownership over us, we are owned by it, should we acquiesce to their bondage.

paendragon Old Wolf

Yes, it’s still the oldest sin still at work – Idolatry:

Humans have problems because when they imagine a generalization or grouping is something new, with new properties its individual component parts don’t possess on their own, they err.

Corporations are treated as (“legal fictions of the corporate”) persons, and unions have ‘rights’ to force you to join them and to force you to pay them money.

‘Government,’ and ‘National Security,’ become the idols (idealized ideas) we are now expected to slavishly serve, not merely – as in reality they stll are – only the people we hired (‘elected’) to run our one largest, collectively-owned insurance company.

Many of our false idols (idealized ideas) are irrationally abstracted away from their situational, circumstantial context, often pretending mere effects are their own causes, or ignoring rational cause and effect altogether.

For instance: “Freedom!” Er – “freedom” FROM – what?! “Feedom!” TO – what?!

Libertine “liberal” criminals love the “Freedom!” idol, because, to them, it means the freedom to commit their crimes without being held responsible for them; most idolatry is caused or enhanced by the false notions of pre-determinism and victimology: they claim they are helpless “victims of society, mere products of their environments, and slaves of allah!” Same with all synonyms, like “Liberty!”

Same with when they use metaphors, because, unlike analogies, which are phrased as “this is LIKE this,” metaphors are inherently lies, because they are phrased “this IS that!”


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