Is the new XBOX actually meant to keep you under surveillance?

If you’ve been alive during the last ten years, you know there exists such a thing as gaming consoles, magical boxes meant to keep you hooked playing video games for hours.

Much has been said and written about video games and about how they can alter your perception of reality and even cause violent behaviour, but the consoles themselves went under the radar…until now.

You see, from now on, a new era of home surveillance and entertainment begins. The next XBOX One, the pinnacle of technology in terms of home entertainment, is actually a surveillance device aimed at the unwary consumer.

The console comes bundled with Kinect, a device meant to capture sound and movement and translate it into game gestures. That’s fun when you’re playing, but the Kinect is always ON, capturing everything you say and do in your livingroom… ALL THE TIME.

Ever wondered how people in North Korea feel?
Well, buy a XBOX One and find out!

Also, the console requires a PERMANENT internet connection to run, meaning all the data collected (what you say, for example… about EVERYTHING) is streamed online and saved on a server somewhere.

There are also more immediate, financial repercussions. From now on, if you want to rent a movie and watch it on the XBOX, you first must let the machine figure out how many people there are in the room and calculate a price.

Sounds like Big Brother and the end of individual freedom?

Well, it kind of is.

This comes days after a former CIA head honcho admitted that ANY device that’s connected to the internet can be used to spy on people.

Even if the XBOX will offer the option to turn off its web connectivity, this can be easily tweaked and turned back on without you knowing, exposing your private life to whoever runs everything.

Thinking twice about spending a fortune on a console for the kids?

Think hard and think again.

Take care,
Jason Richards


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7 Responses to Is the new XBOX actually meant to keep you under surveillance?

  1. QuotingIslam says:

    Scary as hell. Just cut a piece of black tape and cover the eye with it and more.

  2. Hadith says:

    I wish I liked beans.

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