The Final Death of Lawrence of Arabia

A magnificent piece, re-posted from here, and here:

The Final Death of Lawrence of Arabia

by Reuven Berko
Special to IPT News
January 6, 2014


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One Response to The Final Death of Lawrence of Arabia

  1. vladdi says:

    I wish I’d written that one!

    I’ve become acquainted with Ibn Khaldun’s (correct) assessment of the Arabs, as dishonest bandits, as it was quoted in Patai’s “The Arab Mind” (which I have a copy of)! And it jibes with Salzman’s own more recent research as well. It’s the basis of my own assessment of Arab “culture” (apart from my own direct observations in Egypt a few years ago).

    What’s also interestingly serendipituous, is that I recently finally got around to re-watching Lawrence of Arabia – albeit unbeknownst to me, of course – on the very night, and at the very time, that Peter O’Toole died… and I came immediately to the exact same conclusions as this author!

    When islame was originally created, it was modeled on the Jews monotheism (whose twelve tribes are never at war with each other) because the pagan Arab tribes were always at war with each other; their so-called culture always was and still is only based on might-makes-right and us-against-them.

    And it was held to be “legal,” as some primitive form of evolutionary survival of the fittest competition, because the tribes had basically all agreed to it at one time, like this:

    “If allah (or whatever god/s) wants to inflict a drought on us, then it is our holy right and duty to attack your tribe to steal your goats, cattle, donkeys, camels and horses, and to plunder your women and children! Might makes right!”

    “Agreed! And if allah (etc.) inflicts the same on us, it’s our right to attack your tribe, too!”


    So, because they were too short-sighted to put food away as drought insurance, (remember what a revolutionary Moses was: when he became the original historical example of enough primitive forethought to advise Pharaoh to store grain in silos against the anticipated drought, he was hailed as a prophet) they in stead simply agreed to Submit to the inevitable shit-happens, and shit is almost guaranteed to happen to such people in such conditions, because failing to plan is planning to fail.

    Muhammad then simply codified that nonsense for all time, said god still wanted them to commit those crimes, “but only” against a common enemy: against anyone and everyone who refused to join Muhammad’s new islamic war and plunder cult. And of course Muhammad really only set this up to enrich himself, so he’d have an excuse to commit every crime known to man, enthusiastically and often. Needless to say, when not united in common hatred of non-moslems, all moslem Arabs (and moslems in general) still gleefully indulge in waging war on each other.


    According to the books of such embedded cultural anthropologists as Rapheal Patai’s “The Arab Mind” and Carl Salzman’s “Culture and Conflict in the Middle East,” Arab “culture” (which is codified in the Qur’an) glorifies the tribe over the individual, so each tribe engages in us-versus-them, might-makes-right wars all the time.

    The best way to keep your tribal numbers up is to have each man marry four or more wives, which guarantees he will breed four (hopefully male warrior) children each year, while also depriving his enemy’s tribes of those same women and warrior-breeding ability.

    This is also why they marry their own cousins all the time (so the enemy tribes can’t steal their women and potential warrior-children, thus weakening their own tribes) and it’s also why they have “honour” killings (because if they can’t control even their ‘weakest’ members, then they will invite attack from other tribes AND they’ll have lost those women’s warrior kids to their enemies, too)!

    So if they don’t kill their own women, then those women’s actions will eventually get them all killed!

    Libtards in the West refuse to see this easy truth, and pretend it’s the moslems’ “cultural right” to out-breed and conquer everyone. So now I find I just have to ask them:

    Do you liberals believe in “Democracy,” in voting-might-makes-rights?

    Well, if you do, then consider this: polygamy destroys your children’s future rights.

    PS: Not surprisingly, the only non-Arab or non-moslem, so-called “Christian” countries which also have honour-killings, are all colonies which derive their cultures from Spain – because Spain was violently conquered and enslaved by islam for 780 (for almost 1,000) years, that’s why!

    “Honour” killings are demanded in the Qur’an’s Sura 4:89 for anyone who even gives a hint about attempting to leave islam – and that of course includes any women who show these signs by disobeying men and/or by wearing ‘Western’ clothing. And the only reasons they give for women having to wear “islamic” clothing in the first place is given in Sura 33:59 – the explanation being that they must cover up lest they “force” the moslem men to molest and rape them, like they “have to” do to all the non-moslem women (!)

    In fact, islam’s overall premise is, according to the Qur’an, sahih ahadith, Tabari histories, Ibn Hisham’s version of Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul allah (life of Muhammad) and of course as codified into the four Sunni and one Shia maddhab fiqhs of sharia crime (“law”) that all non-moslems are lying traitorous hypocrites, who all secretly already know that Muhammad is right, but have chosen to cover up the shiny-shiny truth of islam, and so are known as “The DIRT” (Kuffars, or al-Kafirun, as denoted in the Qur’anic chapter of that name).

    So, all moslems are so “superior” to these traitorous non-moslems, that it’s not only their right, but also their holy duty to allah, to extort, enslave, and murder them all for being guilty of the crime of not being moslems!

    So obviously, islam is ONLY an ancient, ongoing CRIME-syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it, is where they say:

    “God told us to commit these crimes!”


    We should simply BAN ISLAM – because everything the muslims consider to be “holy” is in fact already a crime!

    We need to pre-empt all the usual prejudicial slanders the “diversely inclusivey tolerant” libtards use against anyone who is against islam’s “religious rights to commit their culturally sensitively intolerant honour crimes,” because we know that the libtards always pretend that “racist” means whatever THEY want it to mean, whenever they use it!

    Of course islam isn’t a race… and even the nazis were really only White moslems!

    In fact, “multiculturalism” IS “racism!”

    (Why else would the libs demand we not be so mean to the barbaric culture of “THOU SHALT KILL!” which declares itself so infinitely superior to our civilized one, that it pretends it has the holy right and duty to extort, enslave, and kill all the non-moslems in the world, just for the crime of being non-moslem?)!

    THEY pretend it’s nature, or “race,” and not nurture, or cultural indoctrination (the hateful words of their war-manual, the Qur’an) that “force” them to act like violent animals, the poor oppressed little “People Of Colour” that they are! That’s why they never bother to try to educate the moslems out of their evil – they think the moslems are just naturally too stupid to learn anything!

    It’s the liberal’s secret belief that ONLY White, Western folks are INTELLIGENT enough to be judged guilty of being truly evil (and of course that includes all the Jews in Israel) while their swarthy pets (like the “palestinians”) must always be defended and be given a free pass for their 1,400 year history of lies, extortions, robberies, tortures, arsons, kindappings, slaveries, rapes and 270 million murders (that’s OVER A QUARTER-BILLION INNOCENTS SACRIFICED TO ALLAH so far – a larger death-tally than that of EVERYONE ELSE, both
    secular and religious, COMBINED, and with an historical average of less than 1% of the global population, too) much as one indulges the new puppy as it pees on the rugs!

    Obviously, these cowardly traitors only do it so they can get behind the biggest threat out there (islam) so that threat will be immediately over – for THEM, anyway! They sacrifice our lives and even the lives of their own children, only to save their own worthless skins, so THEY won’t get firebombed or beheaded by the jihad.

    I’m sure their corporazi sales-masters’ desire for cheap oil has something to do with all the official lies we’re fed by these complicit sales-puppet ‘politicians’ and media presstitutes, all the time, too!

    It should never be allowed by backwards people to be considered “illegal” to accuse these criminals (moslems) of their crimes, allegedly because the painful truth might offend them or hurt their feelings, & so “make” them commit even more crimes!

    No problem was ever solved by ignoring it, & nobody is doing even these moslems any favours, by indulging their historic lies that islam is a “religion” (at all, much less one “of peace”) or a “race” (much less one of poor oppressed People Of Colour”)!

    Pretending there is NOT a Muslim problem but only a white racist problem accepting diversity, is criminally negligent TREASON.

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