Dragon-Slaying New Years Resolutions

Since globalization destroys all sovereign national governments, it’s treason.

And fomenting it is sedition.


It’s always all about the money, and the illusion of control over others it brings.

Banksters are criminal frauds. And one doesn’t have to be Jewish to be a bankster. They “own” all the deeds and debts of all the other false idolatrous entities OFFICIALLY called “the legal fictions of the corporate persons.” Not only do these vile sales-masters sell money (which obviously instantly devalues not only that money, but the labour and goods it re-presents as well) but they have also “allowed” them selves, through the last two centuries of bribing their political sales-puppets, the luxurious indulgence in outright FRAUD called “fractional reserves,” whereby their mouths literally write checks their pockets can’t cash; they literally print money out of thin air; up to 50 times (5,000%) what they actually have in their reserves. Repeat endlessly, compounding this crime, year after year, and century after century. And, unlike real-world, cause-and-effect investments, they charge idolatrous interest regardless of real economic activity; interest IS inflation. Fraud IS theft, and, so far as I know, theft is still a crime. In fact, all crimes are forms of theft. And the fact that they’ve bought off everybody else, is no excuse (it’s a critical thinking logical fallacy to claim “Evil isn’t evil because we all do it too! Whee!”)


Democracy began in ancient Greece and was adopted by the Romans, but with the only people being eligible for Senatorial office being the monied class (i.e: the corporate business owners).

A similar achievement was realized in Britain 800 years ago in 1215 at Runnymede when the barons forced King John to sign the Magna Carta. A similar bit of half-measures is being touted today in Canada.

Not much has changed in the West except that the ruling class of monied corporate elites have assigned themselves the practical notion that each dollar is a vote in itself, and they don’t like having their votes and power limited by geographical boundaries any more. Hence their enthusiasm for the globalization movement, which is obvious treason to all sovereign nations.

With money, the corporate special interests have allowed them selves to fund (bribe) the political parties of both polemical polarizations – the idolatrous group-might-makes-right gangsters of the so-called “left,” AND the almost equally statist gangs who only supposedly purport to represent their individual human constituents’ rights, on the “right” – to do their bidding and sell out their people by selling off and dissolving their countries.

The most obviously easy way to throw a quick monkey-wrench into this conspiracy is to cancel all corporate charters and de-certify all political parties. Technically, they are all still illegal anyway right now.

And as the premises upon which all incorporations are based are technically irresponsible conspiracies, they too are illegal in principle.


So who’s on top?

Some oilmen own banks, and some banksters own oil corporations.

The energy industry dictates who has access to life and who doesn’t.

If you look where the funding comes from, it’s easy to make connections between the energy, pharmaceutical, health, food and educational industries. These are NEEDS, and so, irreplaceable addictions industries, not subject to the laws of supply and demand (when supply reduces &/or prices increase, demand CANNOT change).

Because energy means transportation and the power for cold storage, their rates are the levers of industry, and that usually starts with OIL to keep the generators fuelled and their turbines and gears, well, oiled.

Is there any real reason those involved in mining and transporting this product need “corporate” protections?!

Since oil is almost a need, shouldn’t it all be owned and controlled by the united people’s governments?
Should it, as a need, be profitable for only a select few whose ancestors got there first (often in war)?

Should it be profitable at all? It’s comparable to the “Spice” in the Dune series; the control of the flow literally allows it’s controllers to ‘predict’ the rise and fall of all other industries’ stock value price!

With oil – or more simply, energy –  back in the control of the public, there would be no need for SPP-like”consultations” with those private groups whose power rivals and always seeks to supplant the public, always placing their illegally hoarded profits over the lives of the ordinary people – our real “owners!”

And right now, their vastly inflated bankster profit scheme means they need a vast influx of cheap labour to make their fantasites a reality, in order to keep them selves employed and the peons docile, to prevent another Enron / Fanny-Mae (etc)-like collapse of their “fractional reserves” (fraudulent) interest-financed economic house of cards.

George Washington was completely against political parties.

It’s the idolatrous political “party” system itself which permits our otherwise public SERVANTS to indulge them selves in interest-conflicted divided loyalties, and so to metaphorically slip from the tethers of oversite we should be keeping them on.

Unless we eliminate political parties, the salesmen in government will destroy the country.

Politicians don’t represent the people – they only represent their parties. And their parties only represent those who pay them – who happen to be the exact same people for each party.

So ALL politicians are only treasonous sales-puppets, foisted on us by their corporazi sales-masters. Their real job is to sell us all out by selling off our country to the highest bidders – usually by buying our enemies’ money to fund their own pet projects. The faster the turnover (more sales per minute) the more quick profits, even at low-low fire-sales prices. It’s a race to the bottom.

So, let’s just FIX DEMOCRACY! And here’s how: If we just hold 2 quick, back-to-back elections each time (the first, as usual, to hire the worker’s pool of our Public SERVANTS from our districts, and the second where WE ALL appoint them DIRECTLY to their cabinet portfolio positions) then we eliminate their self-interested conflicts of loyalty-dividing political “parties,” (which always only “party” at our direct expense, anyway,) forever!


These days, most if not ALL elected politicians are statists who always want to grow government to reward followers, who are more concerned with the ‘rights’ of their own groups (parties) than with any of their constituents, because if the other members of their party cause it to fall, they fall too.

Similarly, they will therefore also protect their own political CLASS – members of BOTH parties – lest they all fall as one, too.

The reason corporazi globalist traitors can puppetize the politicians is because the divisive interest-conflicted political party gangs exist at all. If there were NO funds allowed, no campaigning, but only platforms posted on free websites, and where the people could DIRECTLY appoint the elected politicians to their cabinet positions, the power of corporate money to influence elections would be reduced to near-zero.

Each politician would then be beholden ONLY to the people who elected them, not to divisive group-rights loyalty conflicts.

Many wrongs won’t make any of them into rights. So: Why this globalization scheme now? Cui bono?

Actually and factually: The USA still has one of the LOWEST corporate tax rates on the planet.

And even if corporate taxes were set to ZERO, since their own corporate-made law says they are only beholden to their bottom lines, they would STILL try to cut costs by downsizing and outsourcing our jobs here to their 3rd-world slave-pens over there (and by bringing their 3rd-world slaves over here, too)!

No jobs here = no taxes here = no government here (which is why it keeps buying China’s money) = no country here = welcome to the globalized plutocracy – treason to all national sovereignties!

Why do you think you keep seeing all these multi-cultural advertising billboards everywhere?!

Who do you think keeps pushing the multi-culti agenda? Who keeps insisting that it’s our duty not to be meanies by importing tons of primitive, non-White moslem savages, because somehow they’re all poor oppressed People Of Color refugees? Who keeps pretending they’re a “minority,” when in fact, historically, worldwide, Blacks have always outnumbered Whites ten to twenty to one?!

It’s the corporations that do it to us, as they order their pet sales-puppet ‘politicians’ to sell us all out by selling off our countries to the lowest bidders (usually to our declared enemies) by buying (over time, on the installment plan; “borrowing”) their money in our names!

It’s the banksters at the top of that corporate heap, and the oil-barons beneath them who hold all the other corporate gangs hostage to their ‘products!’

They always hate having to pay any taxes to anyone anywhere, ever! So they’re in league with the global communists who want free movement and “equalized” lowest common denominator wages for their own labour slaves, and with the moslems who also hate all nationally sovereign countries, seeing them all as merely temporary, man-made false idols, intending to replace them all with the global moslem umma, ruled by their theocratic caliphate!

And only these enemies of humanity control both the binary behavioural modification sticks (fears of they or their own families being personally firebombed of beheaded by the jihad) and carrots (greed for the oil-money bribes)!

And against this triumverate of evil, what have we got, except the Truth?!

So ask yourself this: What do the communazis, moslems and corporazis all have in common?

They are all idolatrous group-rights-excuse promoting totalitarian Conformists! Extortionist gangster criminals! Corporate welfare = corporate communism!


At all levels of human interaction, from the individual to all increasingly-large group levels (family, clan, tribe, nation, state) the Golden Rule of Law defines all situational morality most simply as “Do Not Attack First” and so enables the social contract to exist, by gaining us trust, progress, and civilization, wherein we all agree to it – it’s a free-will conscious contractual choice – and so enables us to realize that our only real right is to not be attacked first, and also that our only concommitant responsibility is to not attack (therefore innocent) others first.

And it’s based on the fact that one can only have rights with reciprocal responsibility; to have rights without responsibility is to commit theft by extortion or fraud, as all criminals desire: to have rights (like, to your stuff) without any responsibility (like, for earning or paying for it). Even the falsely-sundered “criminal” and “civil” laws agree: you must pay for what you take.

Even small children already instinctively know this as the:

“But Mom! THEY STARTED IT! Rule.”

…and it’s also been the linch pin of all civilizations, The Golden Rule was coined first by Confucius in the correct, “Negative” rights way (as Mark Levin puts it) as “Do NOT Do Unto Others” which pre-dates the false, nannystate and micro-managing criminal “positivist” Christian phraseology, of “Do Unto Others” which can be endlessly exploited because it attacks all others first.

It’s part of the Doctor’s Hippocratic Oath: Primum Non Nocere, or: “First, Do No Harm” and it’s even encoded right in the UN’s own founding charter, which defines the #1 war-crime as “to be the aggressor in war.”

Even liberal social engineers admit it exists, in their so-called “Precautionary Principle” caveat.

Even the so-called ‘Ten Commandments’ are really only symptoms of this most basic binary moral Principle:

the first five are “Fear and Obey,” while the second five are “Do not steal” i.e: “Greed NOT; Be Fearful!”
i.e: do not attack first. The criminal opposite would be “Fear NOT; Be Greedy!”

In fact, all valid sub-sequent legislations are based on this one main principle: to be a criminal, one must have intended to attack first; after all, choosing to attack first, defines one’s self as the predatory criminal aggressor, and they as one’s innocent victims; there’s no two ways about it. Bearing in mind of course that threats (i.e: intimidation; bullying; harrassment; coercion; duress; activist agitation; extortion; terrorism) ARE attacks, and that attacking second (counter-attacking) is a de rigeur requirement for the existance of all deterrant and punitive justice.

All valid laws are put as: “If you choose to attack first in these ways, then these (not necessarily proportional) responses will occur.” They are warnings, not threats, because they involve if/then cause and effect.

Idolatrous false laws, on the other hand, are pre-emptive slanders, and so are crimes in themselves, such as gun control laws: “SINCE you own guns, SO you will use them to commit crimes, SO we must take them away from you and attack you first, to defend our selves!” They are victim-blaming attacks and crimes in themselves.

The exact opposite of The Golden Rule of Law, is what I call the brazen rule of chaos: “It is our holy right and duty to always attack all the others first! The best defense is a good offense!”

Deciding to obey this ages-old jungle-law of group-might-makes-right only inflicts distrust, stagnation, and barbarism.

For instance: islam’s idolatrous sharia holds not that “If you choose to attack first in these ways, then these punishments will apply” but in stead, that: “If you ARE a member of these (slanderously, falsely and prejudicially defined as criminal simply for existing) groups, THEN these punishments restrictions and criminal attacks will be inflicted upon you!”

And those non-protected groups are all based on might makes right: infidel foreigners, women, children, and slaves, WILL all be officially and “legally” discriminated against, in sharia!

Same goes for any and all “group” rights scenarios; when some or any groups (of individual humans) have more and less rights than other groups (of individual humans), then they give non-members LESS rights, by definition; UN-equal protections under the law; thus, group rights “laws” are really only crimes in them selves.

Corporations, despite the past frauds of bribed “judges,” falsely defined as the “Legal FICTION of the Corporate Person,” are only groups or gangs, and so should not have any human rights at all; they are only, in fact, exercises in criminal negligence conspiracies.

Say you or I, as individuals, went before a judge and said: “Your Honor, I want to take risks which will only affect other people, for gains which will only accrue to myself!” he’d probably tell us to get lost, or jail us for attempted criminal negligence, right? Obviously, us asking for responsibility-free rights which will harm innocent others is an illegal scheme.

But if we declare our selves to be in a gang of potential criminals, as a “corporate” group, then suddenly the ages-old might-makes-right excuse seems to kick in, and we’re automatically granted “limitied liability” (no-responsibility rights) status! Hey presto, the (dis-)corporate ring of power renders us invisible to all real human legal culpability! Neat trick eh!



Morality and Law are pretty simple, as Mark Levin notes: “negative” rights based on the Golden Rule of Law (most simply defined as: Do Not Attack First)!

It means, in principle, that everything is disallowed except that which is specifically allowed – between two or more people, this means I don’t have any right or responsibility to do anything either TO, or ‘FOR,’ you, without your express permission! So this ‘social contract’ means that our only real right is to not be attacked first, and our only real responsibility is to not attack (thereby innocent) others, first!

Unfortunately, while our cultural heritage is based on The Golden Rule of Law, right now, we are all ruled by salesmen, who always attack first, advertising fear to sell us the greedy hope of relief from their own initial threats. They claim the right to be irresponsible, and tempt us with the alleged right to remain wrong; (to buy-you-low, to sell me as the most high) and so everyone (monkey-see) always tries to imitate them. They pretend to imagine that fearful responsibilities are to be avoided, and rights are to be lusted after and hoarded, ignoring that the only rights we have are to be responsible, and the only responsibilities we have are to be right. They pretend there is no morality, “Because there’s always such a diverse multiplicity of causes & effects, that we can never really know anything for sure! So since all facts are really only opinions anyway, my subjective, fact-free opinions (like, that I have the right to attack you first, to defend myself, just in case, and of course for your own good) are equal to your silly, objective facts!” They ignore simple, temporary problems with easy, permanent solutions, in order to exploit the infinite symptoms of ignoring them, and instead pretend they’re permanent crises, with only temporary, band-aid solutions (i.e: “Please Give Generously – AGAIN!”) in order to sell themselves to us as our much-needed leaders and crisis-relief management experts!

And what’s the purpose of all this criminal negligence?

Simple – their motto is: “There’s no money in solutions!”

They pretend that the ends justify the means, while ignoring that the means really only define the end results: if you choose to decide to lie, murder and steal your way to the top, it doesn’t make you a great success, it still really only means that you’re a lying, murderous thief!

And these self-involved, narcissistic criminal negligents in business, politics, and the media, are held up to us, to be imitated and emulated, as “our leaders!”

Remember this zeitgeist: “There’s No Money In Solutions, So Please Give Generously – AGAIN!”

And as far as their wholly-owned, pet enemedia are concerned: also remember: It’s hard to make someone understand a simple truth, when his employment depends on his NOT understanding it.

Then there’s all the evasions known collectively as the Logical Fallacies in Critical Thinking.




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One Response to Dragon-Slaying New Years Resolutions

  1. at this point they are all lying, murderous thieves, including their enemedia cohorts. they know damn good and well what they are doing, and are doing it for the same reasons. to psychopaths, everything is never enough. psychopaths, know exactly what they’re doing too, therefor should only be labeled as EVIL.

    there is no wheee on our side of totalitarian feudalism. same shit, different millennium!

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