CBO report stuns lefties: ‘Rich’ people pay 106% of income taxes!

Re-Posted (with the Author’s kind permission) From WND:

CBO stuns! ‘Rich’ pay 106% of income taxes

Refutes longtime Obama claim that wealthy don’t pay ‘fair share’

Published: 2 days ago

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Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi’s latest book is “Who Really Killed Kennedy?”
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NEW YORK – A new Congressional Budget Office study has torn a hole in yet another one of President Obama’s insistent claims about the way things are.

The Congressional Budget Office study, “The Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes, 2010, ” shows that the top 40 percent of households, based on pre-tax income, paid a remarkable 106.2 percent of the nation’s income tax in 2010. Meanwhile, households in the bottom 40 percent paid “negative income tax,” receiving an average of $18,950 in government transfer payments while paying no federal income tax.

That fact contradicts the Saul Alinsky-like theme central to President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign in which he claimed “the rich are not paying their fair share of income taxes.”

The poor in America not only pay no income tax, they receive various government payments drawn from income tax revenues paid by the so-called “rich”

The CBO determined that in 2010, the lowest income quintile of taxpayers in America paid an individual income tax rate of -9.2 percent, while the second lowest income quintile paid -2.3 percent.

Why the poor pay ‘negative income tax’

The CBO explained that a group of U.S. taxpayers was considered to have a “negative income tax rate” when refundable tax credits, in terms of government transfer-payments to the group, exceeded the income tax the group would otherwise earn.

This produces the disparity in which the higher-income groups of taxpayers end up paying more than 100 percent of all income tax paid, as a result of needing to generate from income tax revenues the tax credit transfer payments the government “owes” lower income Americans.

“Because the federal tax system is progressive – average rates rise with income – shares of taxes paid exceed shares of income for the highest income group, and the opposite holds true for the bottom four quintiles,” the CBO explained.

Included in the government transfer payments paid disproportionately to lower income groups are the following: Social Security and Medicare payments, as well as other government benefits paid from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, generally known as “food stamps”; benefits from the Children’s Health Insurance Program; and various “earned income tax credits” calculated for lower-income wage earners.

“Social Security and Medicare go predominately to elderly households, many of which have low market income,” the CBO explained.

43 percent pay no federal income tax

In a separate study, the Tax Policy Center has reported 43.3 percent of all U.S. households are expected to pay no federal income tax in 2013. The figure is down slightly from the Tax Policy Center’s 2009 estimate of 47 percent paying no federal income tax, an estimate that went viral to the detriment of the Romney presidential campaign.

Of the 43 percent that will owe no federal income tax in 2013, the Tax Policy Center estimated nearly half will be off the rolls because their incomes are too low. The other half will be off the rolls because federal government income redistribution in the form of transfer-payments such as the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit exceed the amount the taxpayer would otherwise have owed in income tax.

Fully 14 percent of all U.S. households this year can be expected to pay no income tax and no payroll taxes simply because they are not working, either because they are unemployed and looking for work or because they have dropped out of the labor force.

Poverty in USA rises under Obama

WND reported recently that poverty has increased under President Obama, with Census Bureau statistics showing more Americans on welfare than working full time.

Despite the trillions of dollars spent in anti-poverty programs since President Lyndon Johnson launched “The Great Society” in 1964, the U.S. under President Obama has just seen the highest spike in poverty since the 1960s, leaving 50 million Americans living below the poverty line, defined as a family of four earning less than $23,021 a year.

Image added to article by Uncle Vladdi

Liberal Tax Policy at work

As measured by the Census Bureau, median U.S. household income fell for the fifth straight year in 2012, to $51,017, the lowest annual income adjusted for inflation since 1995. Income inequality has intensified, with the top 5 percent of all households earning 22.3 percent of all the nation’s income in 2012.

Nearly one out of five U.S. households were enrolled in the federal government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, commonly known as food stamps. There were 22,993,709 American households enrolled in the program in August, totaling 47,665,069 persons, approximately one in every seven Americans, as compared to the 1970s when about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps.

Since President Obama took office, the federal government has spent a total of $3.7 trillion on approximately 80 different means-tested poverty and welfare programs, excluding Social Security and Medicare. The sum is nearly five times greater than the federal government spent on NASA, education and all federal transportation projects over that time.

As WND has also reported, the problem of child poverty in the United States today is alarming.

Michael Synder, the creator of the website TheEconomicCollapse.com, points out that about one of every four U.S. children is enrolled in the food stamp program, while 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps before they reach the age of 18.

Some 17 million children in the U.S. are facing food insecurity, with “one in four children in the country is living without consistent access to enough nutritious food to live a healthy life.”

According to an October report published by the Southern Education, 60 percent of the public school children in American cities were in low-income households, with Mississippi leading the list (83 percent), followed by New Jersey (78 percent) and New York (73 percent).

While the problem of poverty in the public schools is most intense in the cities, it is by no means limited to the cities. Fully 50 percent of the public school children in America across all classifications – urban, suburban and rural – were in low-income households in 2011. It was the first time ever that half the nation’s public school student population could be considered to be living in or near poverty levels.

The crisis in public school poverty is not only a crisis for today, it is also a crisis for tomorrow. Low-income public school students face major disadvantages and hardships in gaining the educational skills required to emerge from poverty as adults seeking meaningful employment in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Remarkably, the National Center for Homeless Education, a group affiliated with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, funded by the Department of Education, reported in October that there were 1.2 million homeless students in U.S. public schools during the 2011-2012 academic year, from preschool through high school – a record number up 10 percent from the year before and up 72 percent from the start of the recession.

A long list of “warning signs” listed by the National Center for Homeless Education has been presented to public school officials to help them discern if a child may be homeless. They include chronic hunger, including hording food; poor self-esteem and unwillingness to risk forming relationships with peers and with teachers; fear of abandonment, a need for immediate gratification; and what is designated as “school phobia,” an unusual need to be with the parent.

The New York Post reported last month that even in the Big Apple, one of America’s wealthiest cities, the subways are being “overrun with homeless.”


This is a great article!

And it dovetails nicely with other, previous ones which disprove the liberals’ other main slanderous assertions, that “Poverty Causes Crime /Terrorism!” (See below!):


Federal report finds no link between poverty and radicalization of terrorists:


The Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, May 14, 2013, P.#A4; and:


Federal report finds no link between poverty and radicalization of terrorists

Study released two years after it was completed



The Brothers Tsarnaev weren’t poor folk

Like many terrorists, poverty or psychopathology does not seem to have played a role in the radicalization of Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,

Photograph by: Uncredited , AP

OTTAWA — There is scant evidence poverty, mental illness and personality disorders are root causes of terrorism, says a newly-released defence agency study.

The analysis for Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) was made public Sunday, almost two years after its completion and just weeks after Justin Trudeau tripped over a political landmine on the same topic.

Hours after April’s Boston Marathon bombings, the new federal Liberal leader said the root causes of terrorism need examining and that perpetrators are motivated by feelings of being “excluded” from society. The comment was interpreted by many as inappropriate and suggested terrorists are somehow victims, too.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper took a jab at Trudeau a day later, saying the focus should be on rooting out the perpetrators of the attack.

A week later, after the RCMP announced the arrests of two men for allegedly plotting to bomb a VIA Rail train, Harper said it was not the time to “commit sociology” when asked when it’s appropriate to talk about the root causes of terrorism.

But the government, of course, has been doing just that. The study report even notes, “because so little is known about radicalization and de-radicalization, more research is both urgent and necessary.”

The work involved a two-year analysis of existing literature on terrorism and radicalization and explored two elements of routes to terrorism: the psychological processes and the impact of economic factors.

Cultural alienation and disenfranchisement as possible root causes are mentioned only once in the 33,000-word document.

And contrary to the populist view that economic hardship leads to radicalization, the report says researchers in the area seem unequivocal in their conclusion that there is no link between economic factors and radicalization, and that many radicals are, in fact, economically advantaged compared to others in their communities.

“The evolution of a terrorist is more complex than a simple uni-dimensional cause-and-effect relationship.”

The report highlights a 2001 article about the 9/11 hijackers by New York Times writer Jodi Wilgoren (now Jodi Rudoren) to underscore that point:

“They were adults with education and skill … spent years studying and training in the United States, collecting valuable commercial skills and facing many opportunities to change their minds … they were not reckless young men facing dire economic conditions and dim prospects but men as old as 41 enjoying middle-class lives.”

The alternative explanation — that terrorists hate us so much because they have grown up in poverty and lacked the good education and opportunities that we have enjoyed — “finds a willing audience in the first-world, the industrialized West and its allies, but is this merely a convenient explanation that appeals to our sense of superiority due to our relative affluence and sophistication, as well as invalidating the grievances of the terrorists and rendering them little more than criminals.

“Although the simple logic of ‘poverty leads to terrorism’ is still attractive during discussions addressing terrorism, policy-shapers and decision-makers are increasingly shying away from making such simplistic claims about the relationship between poverty and the likelihood of an individual engaging in anti-social or violent activity to draw attention to their ideological agenda.”

The notion that the terrorist is irrational and crazy is wrong, too.

“We might eliminate psychological conditions such as pure psychopathology, schizophrenia and various impulse control disorders which are often associated with criminal, anti-social activities like murder and rape. If nothing else, individuals with these psychological conditions do not have the attention span, commitment, or course of action to conceive of and carry out terrorist activity.”

Terrorism and radicalization also are not, for example, like Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which has a cluster of symptoms that present together, or in predictable circumstances, making it relatively straightforward to study the individual and to diagnose the disorder.

“These are not crazy people with a collection of abnormal psychological elements; they are people who are making decisions on a rational basis who are similar to everyone else around them. They do not present symptoms that they themselves are not aware of or unable to control.

“Radicals are aware that their perspectives and actions differ from those of other people and they make a conscious decision to take that position and hide the fact from those who might threaten their liberty to do so. Radicalization is most likely a process that begins early and is always in action.”

It concludes there is no “smoking gun” regarding the psychological processes involved in radicalization.

DRDC says the public release of the report was delayed because of, “a backlog of reports in our publication process.”

Radicalization in the National Economic Climate: a Literature Review is available at: http://bit.ly/10EpUXN

© Copyright (c) The Ottawa Citizen




Update: Terror suspects respected members of community

Trio had feet firmly planted in Canadian life, and none were living in poverty

By Ian MacLeod and Andrew Seymour, The Ottawa Citizen August 30, 2010

Two men, Hiva Alizadeh2 (left) and Misbahuddin Ahmed, were charged in an Ottawa court on Thursday with terrorism offences.

Photograph by: courtroom sketch by Dave Clendinin , The Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — The profiles of three alleged Islamist extremists whom police say posed “a real and serious threat” to Ottawa and national security are at odds with the notion that terrorists exist on the margins of society. Two of the accused men are professionals — a doctor (and father of three) and an x-ray technologist.

The third studied to be an electrical engineer. All are apparently intellectually mature individuals rooted in Canadian life. One even appeared on the reality program Canadian Idol. While much is still to be learned about them, poverty, deprivation and social alienation do not appear to have been part their alleged descent to homicidal hatred.

Yet it is that very ordinariness that has police and security experts concerned. How are they to spot potential terrorists before it’s too late? In this case, police say the arrests thwarted possible terror bombings around Ottawa and against Canadian troops in Afghanistan. “This group posed a real and serious threat to the citizens of National Capital Region and Canada’s national security,” RCMP Chief Supt. Serge Therriault, head of criminal operations for the capital region, told an Ottawa news conference Thursday.

He said an RCMP-led national security investigation employing about 100 joint-forces officers for the past year was forced to move on the suspects this week to prevent “financial support” going to international terrorists for weapons to attack western coalition forces.

Raids on two west Ottawa addresses Wednesday uncovered more than 50 circuit boards police believe were intended to remotely trigger detonators for improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Also seized was what police described as a “vast quantity” of schematics, videos, drawings, instruction books and electronic components for IEDs. Investigators believe the suspects are part of a domestic terrorist group with links to international terrorism. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service was the first to begin investigating the individuals, though no details have been released.

“There are certain individuals in Canada who have adopted an ideology inspired by international terrorist groups who promote heinous violence to achieve their goals,” CSIS Assistant Director Raymond Boisvert told the packed news conference. “This case reiterates the serious nature of this threat, which can result in tragic consequences if left unchecked.” The spy agency at some point alerted the Mounties, who assigned the “Project Samossa” file to the Ottawa-based Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, one of four across the country dedicated to combating threats to the country. RCMP in British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and other parts of Ontario assisted. The alleged plot was in its early planning stages and “months” away from being operationally viable, Therriault said. “There remained, throughout, a varied degree of imminence to the threat, whether they were going to conduct an attack or not and how it was going to be done,” he said.

It is not clear even whether specific Ottawa targets had been selected. “Because the plot was located here it was always a concern that targets were potentially located in this area,” he said, adding more details will come out in court. With all of its political, diplomatic and other important national symbols, many undefended, Ottawa is a target-rich environment. The Internet, meanwhile, allows easy “electronic scouting” — pictures, maps, histories and satellite images — of many sites.

Therriault was vague about whether police uncovered actual explosives, such as ammonium nitrate fertilizer, or know whether the alleged bombing campaign was to involve vehicle-borne IEDs, suicide bombers or other tactics. Police also won’t say whether they believe the alleged group has links to al-Qaeda.

Vern White, chief of Ottawa police, which seconded several officers to the project at various times over the past year, said the threat was “always on our minds, and it got to a point where the investigators felt that it was serious enough that this was the time to act.” Two of the accused, Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, 30, and Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, both of Ottawa, were arrested Wednesday. The third, 28-year-old Khurram Syed Sher, was arrested in London, Ont. Thursday.

They face a variety of terrorism charges under the Criminal Code, including conspiring with at least three others — James Lara, Rizgar Alizadeh and Zakaria Mamosta — and other “persons unknown,” who have been at one time or another located in Canada, Iran, Afghanistan, Dubai and Pakistan, to facilitate “terrorist activity” between February 2008 and Aug. 24. Lara, Rizgae Alizadeh — police won’t say whether he is related to Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh — and Mamosta, all non-Canadians, are not in Canada and have not been charged.

Therriault suggested international efforts may be made to arrest them. Alizadeh, who lives in a Woodridge Crescent apartment in Bayshore, faces a separate charge of making or having an explosive substance — which can include IED components — in his possession with the intent to endanger life or cause serious damage. Hiva Alizadeh is a member of a group with links to the conflict in Afghanistan, said Therriault, and received training in building and detonating IEDs, though that’s not reflected in the charges.

But Therriault wouldn’t say whether the men have suspected al-Qaeda links. Hiva Alizadeh and Ahmed were arrested Wednesday following police searches on two west Ottawa properties, one at 91 Esterlawn Pvt., and a second at Apt, 702, at 220 Woodridge Cres.

Police hauled several computer hard drives and what appeared to be a photo or document scanner from the Esterlawn home. CSIS’s Boisvert said a critical question is determining whether the accused are self-radicalized individuals who have “spent time on the Internet in the basement of their home or someone who has been subjected to or offered some training … and some support or tasking from abroad.”

Their backgrounds in science and technology fit a growing terrorist typology, according to a new RCMP manual on Islamist radicalization. It notes all of the eight suspects in botched June 2007 terrorist attacks in London and at Glasgow’s international airport were professionals: physicians, medical research scientists and an engineer.

Convicted Ottawa terrorist Momin Khawaja was a computer expert. Osama bin Laden has an engineering background; his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is a pediatrician. Alizadeh, with a curly beard and a brown skull cap over his long curly brown hair, and Ahmed, sporting a full beard and wearing a tan, long-sleeved shirt, appeared briefly in an Ottawa courtroom Thursday before being returned to jail pending an appearance by video Wednesday. Sher, meanwhile, was arrested in London, Ont. where he had recently moved. He is a doctor who graduated from McGill University medical school in 2005.

In 2006, he was in Pakistan during the relief efforts after an earthquake in Kashmir. Sher was an unsuccessful contestant on the CTV reality program Canadian Idol. In 2007, a Dr. Khurram Sher was one of a group of doctors who signed a letter to then-Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day protesting the treatment of three Muslim men being held in a Kingston penitentiary on security certificates. Sher’s uncle, Rafat Syed, described his nephew as “very sporty” and said he would have likely become a hockey player if he didn’t go into medicine.

© Copyright (c) The Ottawa Citizen


I ran my “globalization is treason to all sovereign national govs” note by an idolatrous lefty acquaintance, who automatically replied with: “But globalization prevents wars!”It’s the same old “poverty causes crime” meme they favour, as if “war” was just some inevitable, pre-determined force of nature and there were no psychopathic criminal human agents (like Muhammad, the Kaiser, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Obama etc) behind all wars, and as if all the countries in Europe had never been able to trade with each other, etc etc etc – the left’s wilfully self-blinded stupidity can still, on occasion, boggle even my mind.

How many criminal dictators can be described as “poor”?!



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