How & Why Liberals Enable And Defend Muslim Crime

There’s no perverse crime a lefty won’t compromise with or Submit to!

Liberals racists can invariably be relied on to ignore even the worst depredations of muslims, under the blanket alibi/excuse of:

“Who Are We To Say Our Culture Is Better Than Theirs?”

But they certainly feel empowered (and not threatened) in asserting that our culture is worse than theirs. The guaranteed liberal response to the threat of the muslim conquest of the West is always one of slanderous immoral relativism:

“So what?! We’re worse than them so we deserve it!”

All criminals insist: “Trust me, you have no right to self-defense!”

Both muslim and liberal idolaters love having predeterministic excuses to deflect from their own crimes: that’s there is no real evil, crime nor criminals, because we’re really all only helpless victims – liberals say, of society, products of our environments, and muslims all claim to be helpless slaves of allah. They collect excuses like clipping coupons, so of course they’re interested in each other. Come to think of it, they are also both forms of truculent infantile delinquency and contentious, criminally-negligent masochism, pre-emptively inflicting despair and failure, so as to be able to pretend to “control” it all; i.e:

“Screw you  – I MEANT TO DO THAT! Whee!”


Hitler’s face often wore this same expression

Pure, unfettered democracy is only mob-rule, not governed by the rule of law (which isn’t “We obey laws we all voted for and then wrote down!” but really means “We all agree to not attack first – and that statement includes that all groups of people also agree to not attack any individual human citizens or other groups of same first, and all groups includes the largest group, aka the “government” or the “state”)!

In a republic, individual human’s rights come first, whereas in a democracy, which is also really only an idolatrous criminal enterprise (i.e: an extortion-ocracy) only the largest might-makes-right group or mob has “rights!” In a full-blown democracy, people are actually allowed to to vote directly against the Golden Rule of Law – and so to vote for crime!

And this is exactly why democrats and muslims are a natural fit: both are crime-gangs who pretend to believe in might-makes-right pre-determinism as the best alibi excuse for their own crimes; to libertine liberal democrats, it’s never their fault because they are always really only victims: of society, and helpless products of their environments; and for muslims, the excuse is that they’re all really only helpless slaves of allah!

And so if you try to give muslims “democracy,” they will invariably “vote” – for more islamic slavery!

So who’s worse – some poor illiterate muslims whose ancestors were among Muhammad’s first victims, who have been indoctrinated into the global extortion-racket crime syndicate of islam since birth to lie to everyone, all the time – or “our leaders” who were born into freedom and affluence?

Obviously, “our leaders” are infinitely more culpable criminals than the muslim gangsters they conspire as willing criminal accessories to enable and support.

“Voting them out” isn’t good enough – it may be a start to the process, but it must end with their being arrested, indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced – for treason.

Both the Left and Islam want idolatrous pre-deterministic might-makes-right excuses for their crimes; they want the false victim-blaming right to continue to pretend to be victims, and the false right to remain irresponsibly in the wrong! Again: The left pretends we are all helpless victims of “society,” and robotic products of our environment, while islam pretends we are all slaves of “allah.” They hate Judeo-Christianity, because it teaches personal self-reliant responsibility and Reason (see Isaiah) and to light a candle to help our selves, not slanderous victimology alibi excuses for doing nothing but whine and curse the darkness, which is their preference.

Liberals are simply criminals who believe they can have rights without responsibilities, which is why they abdicate their oaths.

Their slanderously victim-blaming “pre-emptively defensive” (predatory criminal agressor) stance, is that only they have rights, while everyone else only has responsibilities; they always attack all others first by slanderously accusing them of crimes for which they have absolutely no evidence (hence their onus preference for guilty until never proven innocent, thereby forcing their victims to try to impossibly prove a negative), so that, by keeping their victims always on the defensive, their victims will never have the time to attack them first. It’s all part of their self-defeating, short-circuiting us(me) versus them, might-makes-right stance of pain or be pained, criminal victimology. The Adversary is adversarial.

And since leftists, like their muslim brethren, are group-might-makes-right extortion-oriented criminals, and criminals are lying frauds, who can be always repied on to engage in idolatrous victim-blaming slander alibi excuses.

Hence liberals will always perversely reverse reality in their narratives: Muslims threaten us all? Nonsense! We must be threatening the muslims, so the obvious solution to our (i.e: your) racism is to place muslims in positions of power over us, to falsely misrepresent everything everyone says as its exact opposite, and to show propaganda adverts which pretend the (racist liberal-assumed) swarthy inferior races which are still in the minority (but only here, not really worldwide, where in fact Whites are the real minority) have the same numbers here (or they soon will, so we’d better behave lest they jihad us all for our racism!) as we do, and in fact can be equally falsely portrayed as being freedom-loving, civilized liberals happy to be here, too!



But back in reality, MULTICULTURALISM IS RACISM, and so it’s also slander, too! Pretending that doing things wrong is exactly the same as doing things right, can only slanderously pander to racist assumptions, because of course if it’s not the nurture or software programming that’s at fault (as it must not be when all indoctrinating cultures are declared in advance of evidence to have negligible soceio-economic results, as if abusing children by teaching them enforced “THOU SHALT KILL!” excuses as their first god-mandated response to frustration were no different from teaching them self-reliant restraint, that “THOU SHALT NOT KILL!”) then it must be the racial hardware when all their so-called islamic countries always end up at the very bottom of the world’s developmental indices. Either that, or it’s all Whitey’s fault for oppressing them, which, again, is really only racism, because it implies Whitey is only able to oppress them because Whitey is inherently so much smarter than they are!

Islam is really only an intolerant, triumphalist and literally holier-tha-thou genocidal monocultural extortion-racket CRIME-syndicate, so it’s “muslim” gang members are naturally always actually quite offended by presentations of slanderous white liberal guilt and racism!

As many raped and murdered white liberal multiculturalist women could attest to!

So: Either you’re a clueless liberal who’s putting up his fact-free opinions about islam AS fact – in which case you’re lying, and liars are criminals (because lying, or fraud, is the most basic form of theft – it’s the theft of the Truth) or you DO know about islam, either because you’re a muslim or friends with some of them, and in either case of which you know the official muslim credo of lying to everyone all the time, and so in which cases you’re also still only a criminal, and for the exact same reason!

Islam is nothing but an ancient, ongoing extortion-racket crime syndicate which blames “god” for their own criminal propensities. All muslims are criminals, simply by being part of the gang’s explicit eternal hate-crime death-threats as declared in their crime-manual, the Qur’an. We should ban islam because everything they pretend is holy is already a crime! If it wasn’t for the Saudi’s control of the oil money we gave them, islam would have been over long ago, but now it’s like Sauron’s Dark oil rig Tower has risen again!


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