John Baird to the rescue, ending John & Tarek’s Egyptian adventure



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2 Responses to John Baird to the rescue, ending John & Tarek’s Egyptian adventure

  1. Zenster says:

    The gay community’s deafening silence, if not outright support, regarding Islam is something that rightfully marginalizes them from mainstream and, especially, Conservative America. Much the same can be said for how feminists have dropped the ball with what, for them, should be their A#1 hot button topic, institutionalized Islamic misogyny. Instead, Muslims are given the most astonishing pass on all counts.

    Gays and feminists will be in for a rude shock either way. Should their seriously misplaced strategy of using Islam to deconstruct Western civilization actually manage to succeed, then they will be among some of the very first who go to the chopping block. This, despite their deluded fantasies about nimbly snatching the reins of power from these cretins once the walls come tumbling down. As if!

    Alternatively, should the West finally manage to sprout a set and crush the Islamic cockroach like the vermin it is, gays and feminists will find themselves rather ill-at-ease, much like house guests who have overstayed their welcome and play upon their host’s unwillingness to be rude.

    Either way, both groups are rapidly erasing whatever public sympathy they once enjoyed. Much more of this horseradish and they will find themselves being regarded as the enemy, a development which might even be a bit overdue.

    The plight of these two Canadian teapots in Egypt is something that should be met with yawns and disinterest in the West. Let North African Muslims give these two their due shari’a process and then hold up the results for all, gays and feminists included, to see in living—or, actually, rather stone dead—color. A vivid object lesson or twelve of this sort might at least get these wankers and drag kings to STFU about being so oppressed here in the West.

    • unclevladdi says:

      It’s too bad our Conservative Minister of all things foreign and Gay, John Baird, managed to spring his sisters from Sisi’s jail, because from what I heard they WERE aiding and abetting the Gazan terrorists, in using Greyson’s drone-mounted camera to spy out potential victims for the MB jihadis who were attacking a local police station; serious stuff from these purveyors of fluff, and the world should have been allowed to hear of it. What gays and feminazis have in common is their spiteful, victim-blaming perversion; they are inherently masochists, always striving to inflict the worst-case scenarios they can imagine, on everyone else first, in a delusive effort to thereby “control” the chaos they create. Cowardice loves company, so they’re always creating images slanderously depicting their victims as being as guilty as they are, devilishly tempting them to join up. This cycle of self-inflicted destruction is what they all call “Progress.”

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