How can it be a Syrian civil war, when most of the so-called rebels aren’t even Syrians?


IT’S OBAMA’S CRIME, NOT ASSAD’S! It’s criminal that Obama deliberately imports tons of violent foreign (Saudi, Libyan, Chechnyan, Iraqi, etc) jihadis into Syria, to overthrow, by covert and undeclared war, a sovereign national government which is a member of the UN, and then has the gall to say that government is committing crimes in defending itself from his gang of imported criminals, by gassing “it’s own” people!

It’s especially galling when one considers the gas attacks are also just another ploy of Obama’s to distract everyone from his domestic crimes, by scaring them with the threat of WWIII!

This seems to be proof the Obama White House deliberately falsified the Israeli intelligence reports on the Syrian gas attacks:


…And this seems to implicate Saudomite Prince Bandar “Bush” Bin Sultan in it all, too:




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