HEY EVERYBODY! Let’s compare Jesus and Moe, the Founders of their respective creeds!!
(Here’s my Top Ten, just off the top of my head!):

1. How many babies did Jesus rape?
2. How many slaves did Jesus take (and rape)?
3. How many innocent merchants did Jesus torture, to get their treasure to pay his bandit armies?
4. How many bandit armies did Jesus lead, and how many countries did they invade & enslave?
5. How many poisoned swords named “Death!” did Jesus own and use to behead enemies?
6. How many times did Jesus lie, say “God is the greatest deceiver!” and rob and extort people?
7. How many people did Jesus burn out of their homes, while they were still asleep in them?
8. How many people (who had only verbally contested his claims) did Jesus put out “hits” on?
9. How many pregnant women did Jesus have run through with swords for doubting him?

…and of course:

10. How many people did Moe heal (or resurrect)?



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