Meet Britains’ next – and last – Prime Minister: Lord Muhammad Windsor

Meet Lord Muhammad Windsor

Meet Lord Muhammad Windsor

…the way things have been going there lately…

My point is, there’s a running joke that, if Hitler had only thought to describe National Socialism as a “religion” he’d have won, because the USA’s silly First Amendment guarantees would have protected him if he had opened up nazi garrisons in North America described as “churches” or “community centers” there.

Hence today, especially in Submissive Britain, all he’d have to do to take over completely there would be to change his name to Muhammad.

Adolf and Moe shared the same birthday; Adolf has been quoted more than once and from more than one source, in different settings, stating he wished he’d been born a righteously violent moslem in stead of as a weak, insipid Christian, and that islam was the only religion he respected.

Upon meeting with Haj-Amin al-Husseini, (Arafat’s uncle) the Grand Mufti of ‘Palestine,’ Adolf re-wrote his racist screed to include the Arabs as part of his Master Race ideology (Hajji was blond and had blue eyes, which prompted Adolf to not only surmise the Arabs were descended from Romans, but also to more fully embrace islam himself).

Adolf actually copied the idea of the yellow armbands with the Magen Davids on them from the moslems. The yellow sashes and armbands were of Turkish origin, I believe, with which to better identify and humiliate the Jews into paying the jizya extortion or protection tax.
Christians got blue ones back then.

Adolf then empowered Haji to form his own corps of moslem elite SS troopers, the Handschar Division, which he then inflicted on the Balkans, where they genocided the Christian Serbs out of their own heartland of KOSOVO, and replaced them with thousands of much more nazi compatible moslems from nearby Albania (which had itself had it’s own ethnic Greek, Christian population genocided out of existence during the previous 500 years by, of course, the Turks).


Hitler’s MOSLEM SS TROOPERS busy genociding the Greek Christian Serbs out of KOSOVO to replace them with nazi-compatible Albanian moslem Turks

Haji is also “credited” with hounding Adolf into speeding up his genocidal oven-building plans for the Jews, directly influencing the creation and implementation of the Final Solution first in Europe, and then, it was planned, for use in ‘Palestine’ itself, back in the Middle East.

Mein Kampf reads remarkably similarly to the Qur’an (except with LESS Jew-hatred)!

Adolf was probably Moe reincarnated.


Dhimmi Prince Charlie

Dhimmi Prince Charlie

The Windsor bit was a dig at Dhimmi Prince Charlie, whose own words and actions defending islam have made many people speculate that he – as putative head of the Anglican Church – has not-so secretly himself already converted to islam.


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