Moslem criminal appoints Ontario’s judges

Ontario’s Judicial appointments vetted by moslem criminal

Just found out the other day that the moslems are actually and officially in charge of appointing the judges in Canada’s largest province, Ontario: the judicial appointments committee – the Judicial Advisory Appointments Committee, or JAAC (as in “They don’t know JAAC”) is chaired by one Hanny HASSAN. Unbelievable – the head of the holy mobster moslem mafia is in charge of vetting all the appointed judges here, too! Whee!

holy mobster now running the judicial asylum

holy mobster now running the judicial asylum

That’s EXACTLY like having the Mafia appoint our Judges, except that the Mafia was never so bold as to try to use

“God told us to commit these crimes! Capisce?!” as it’s official alibi!

The idolatrous group-rights Liberal/Moslem victimology salesmen’s love-affair continues:

Here’s the links:

AND, most damning (because it proves he isn’t just some non-practising guy who just happens to have been born into a moslem family, but is instead a self-determined taqiyya dawa propagandist, deliberately trying to defraud the Canadian public concerning his international crime-gang’s intent):

Hanny HASSAN presently serves on the Board of Governors and Senate of the University of Western Ontario. He is a member of the National Executive and Vice Chair of the Ontario Panel of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. He is the Past Co-Chair of the National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee. He served as the President of the Ontario Advisory Council on Multiculturalism and Citizenship, from 1991 to 1995. He has been, for many years, a member of the advisory committee of OMNI Television. In December 2010, Mr. Hassan was named a Member of the Order of Canada by the Governor General of Canada for his long-time volunteer work in promoting understanding between cultures and religions.

Now – yippee skippee –  he’s in charge of vetting our judicial appointments. Thanks, again,  outgoing premier Dolton McGuilty!

As for multiculturalism citizenship: moslems have absolutely NO loyalty to any sovereign national governments nor man-made countries, which they regard as temporary false idols, to be eventually destroyed and replaced by the one-world global moslem ummah, to be ruled by their theocratic caliphate government. After all, since Sharia law is based directly on allah’s perfect, immutable Word in the Qur’an, why would anyone need any human governments – even duly elected ones, a la the Arab spring, to make any laws contrary to it? That would be blasphemy!

OH, Canada!!!



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