can islam win?

can islam win?





No problem was ever solved by ignoring it, yet the criminally negligent greed-creed motto of those in charge always seems to be the exact opposite, that:

“There’s No Money In Solutions! Whee!”

 As Upton Sinclair once noted, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”  

The real reason the islamic threat is being ignored in public, is this not-so-nascent “Globalization” movement, which is clearly treason to ALL sovereign national people’s governments. It’s a plutocratic kleptocracy to be run by all those corporazis who never want to pay any taxes to anyone, anywhere, ever; by the globa l communazi labour guys who want free movement and the same lowest common denominator wages for their 3rd-world slaves, and of course by the moslems who want their one-world islamic ummah, to be run by their theocratic caliphate government. It’s a triple-threat. Against all these evil forces, we have only the Truth … while only they currently control both the fear and the greed.

 As long as ONLY the enemy controls both the behavioural conditioning binaries of the stick (fear of personally having one’s own family firebombed or beheaded by the Jihad) and the carrot (greed for oil-money bribes), those sales-puppets we laughingly call “our leaders” and their complicit media presstitute pets will insist on maintaining their preposterously backwards, victim-blaming “narrative” that only we are to blame for the Qur’an’s 1,400 years of hate, so that we should all “Submit and learn how to be better victims!”  

And so they pretend to justify the islamic crime-syndicate of holy mobsters wordwide, deluding themselves that it’s necessary so Submitting to it will be for our own good. After all, moslems *may* make the perfect workforce slaves: they have been trained for generations (so the shallow and nearsighted sales-masters tell their ‘politician’ sales-puppets) to be Submissive, to obey, not to think for them selves, and have even been known to work for food!


     (Let’s just see how THAT little fantasy works out for ’em)!


But then, these Globalist corporate elites (these Bilderbergers et al) are quite simply communist gangsters, set on imposing (through their ‘Security and Prosperity Partnership, or SPP,) a STALINIST COMMAND ECONOMY on the world. These self-proclaimed ‘global elites’ are the exact opposite of the ‘free market’ ideal, and, as globalists, (since globalism is obviously only seditious treason to all sovereign national governments,) they are all criminal traitors.

Like all attack-first prone criminally negligent “progressives,” they (the bilderbergers) pretend to believe that the ends justify the means, when in fact the means really only define the end results: If and when you choose to lie, murder and rob others “to get ahead,” then, in the end, you’re not a “great success” – you’re still really only a lying, murdering thief!

And so all the rest of the liberals’ backwards public propaganda nonsense ever really amounts to, is the victim-blaming cry that it should be illegal to accuse any criminals of their crimes, if doing so might hurt their feelings (and so “force” them to commit even more crimes)!


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